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Version 3.271.2

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2 days ago
  • Aws\ApplicationAutoScaling - With this release, ElastiCache customers will be able to use predefined metricType "ElastiCacheDatabaseCapacityUsageCountedForEvictPercentage" for their ElastiCache instances.
  • Aws\CodePipeline - Add PollingDisabledAt time information in PipelineMetadata object of GetPipeline API.
  • Aws\GameLift - GameLift FleetIQ users can now filter game server claim requests to exclude servers on instances that are draining.
  • Aws\Glue - Added ability to create data quality rulesets for shared, cross-account Glue Data Catalog tables. Added support for dataset comparison rules through a new parameter called AdditionalDataSources. Enhanced the data quality results with a map containing profiled metric values.
  • Aws\MigrationHubRefactorSpaces - This SDK update allows for path parameter syntax to be passed to the CreateRoute API. Path parameter syntax require parameters to be enclosed in {} characters. This update also includes a new AppendSourcePath field which lets users forward the source path to the Service URL endpoint.
  • Aws\SageMaker - Amazon SageMaker Automatic Model Tuning now supports enabling Autotune for tuning jobs which can choose tuning job configurations.

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