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Rook v1.3.6 is a patch release limited in scope and focusing on small feature additions and bug fixes.


  • Increase OSD PVC size when the template size increases (#5309, @travisn)
  • Update CSI driver to v2.1.2 (#5603, @Madhu-1)
  • Autocorrect the mon failover id if incorrect (#5668, @travisn)
  • Add the ability to set any pool property (#5623, @leseb)
  • OSD metadata pvcs implemented with a map instead of an index (#5639, @travisn)
  • Clean up OBC resources in case of failure (#5509, @thotz)
  • Do not activate the crash mgr module (#5622, @leseb)
  • Always enable the balancer mgr module for Octopus (#5622, @leseb)
  • Configurable Service Port Names (#5595, @afflom)
  • Ensure waiting for clean PGs during OSD upgrade in small clusters (#5606, @leseb)
  • Increase the liveness probe start delay on OSDs (#5492, @leseb)


  • Set the log level to info instead of debug (#5637, @aberfeldy)
15 days ago