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Rook v1.3.5 is a patch release limited in scope and focusing on small feature additions and bug fixes.


  • Use internal node IP for mon endpoint when host networking enabled (#5594, @leseb)
  • Set preferred anti-affinity for RGW when host networking not enabled (#5564, @ashangit)
  • Do not delete OBC user for retain policy if the owner (#5511, @thotz)
  • OBC additionalConfig field initialization (#5577, @leseb)
  • Start the CSI driver in parallel of cluster configuration (#5572, @travisn)
  • Handle node failure more gracefully (#5556, @travisn)
  • Document how to find whether there is a filesystem on a device (#5557, @satoru-takeuchi)
  • Cleanup disks during uninstall if the confirmation flag is set (#5257, @leseb)
  • Add missing security context to crash collector for OpenShift (#5548, @leseb)
  • Do not enforce osd-memory-target (#5529, @leseb)
  • Default the device set template name to data (#5524, @travisn)
one month ago