npm zigbee2mqtt 1.35.1

latest releases: 1.38.0, 1.37.1, 1.37.0...
5 months ago

This release is a hot-fix release for 1.35.0, enjoy!


  • #7 Expose action for MiBoxer FUT089Z (@Koenkk)
  • #6841 Expose sensor_temp for Xiaomi SRTS-A01 (@yclybouw)
  • #6831 Support custom CA certs for OTA firmware downloads (fixes Hue OTA updates) (@kaechele)
  • #6836 Support OTA for IKEA E2134 (@mik9)
  • #6810 Add new features to Ubisys H1 (@sjorge)
  • #6809 Adapt exposes according to covering type for Ubisys J1 (@slugzero)
  • #6807 Expose keypad_lockout for Schneider Electric WV704R0A0902 (@infabo)



New supported devices

This release adds support for 9 devices:

Fixed device detections

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