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13 months ago


  • Due to #5689 it is now possible to have the correct picture, vendor, model and description for (some) white-label devices. This especially applies to TuYa devices. In case you own such device , please submit a Wrong device picture/vendor/model/description issue.



  • #5641 Fix backlight_mode values for TuYa TS130F (@jcugat)
  • #5639 Fix Xiaomi ZNCLDJ11LM position incorrect (@fenfenS)
  • #17308 Disable unsupported power_on_behavior for more devices (@Koenkk)
  • #17387 Detect _TZ3000_dlug3kbc as Zemismart ZIGBEE-B09-UK (@Koenkk)
  • #5661 Fix Gledopto GL-B-003P, GL-S-004P and GL-S-006P turning off with brightness 1 (@Electry)
  • #14628 Fix TuYa _TZ3210_weaqkhab brightness control not working (@Koenkk)
  • #17358 Detect TuYa _TZ3000_5ajpkyq6 to TS0004_switch_module (@Koenkk)
  • #16709 Fix false 0 power/voltage/current measurements for TuYa TS011F_plug_1 (_TZ3000_gvn91tmx/_TZ3000_amdymr7l) (@Koenkk)
  • #5679 Fix action/operation_mode for Niko 552-721X2 (@sjorge)
  • #5681 Fix occupancy/away_mode issue of Namron 4512737/4512738 (@ruant)
  • #17404 Enable power_on_behavior for Gledopto GL-C-009P (@Koenkk)
  • #17440 Typo fixes (@akx)
  • #5696 #5696 Fix Niko 552-721X1 and 552-721X2 action for external inputs (@svenjochems, @sjorge)

New supported devices

This release adds support for 40 devices:

  • 4058075729025 LEDVANCE SMART+ lamp E27 RGBTW (@dhanukapulkit)
  • 4058075729049 LEDVANCE SMART+ lamp B22D RGBTW (@dhanukapulkit)
  • 4512728 Namron Zigbee 1 channel switch K2 (Black) (@KristianAndersson)
  • 5120.2210 iluminize Zigbee 3.0 actuator mini 1x 230V (@Jakobu5)
  • 5123.1110 Iluminize Zigbee 3.0 controller with adjustable current 250-1500mA, max. 50W / 48V SELV (@saseba)
  • 552-720X4 Niko Battery switch with 4 buttons (@jovandeginste)
  • 74453 Sylvania LIGHTIFY LED soft white BR30 (@jsuisman)
  • 915005987401 Philips Hue White and color ambiance Gradient Signe table lamp (black) (@kidinstinct)
  • 929003056701 Philips Hue white ambiance Adore ceiling light (@Baekalfen)
  • 929003553001 Philips Hue outdoor Resonate downward wall lamp (@Koenkk)
  • BMCT-SLZ Bosch Bosch Light/shutter control unit II (@slugzero @smarts4home)
  • GL-C-103P Gledopto Zigbee LED controller (pro) (@Koenkk)
  • HC-IWDIM-1 Heimgard Technologies Dimmer (@sekyHC)
  • HC-IWSWI-1 Heimgard Technologies In wall light switch (@sekyHC)
  • HT-MOT-2 Heimgard Technologies Motion sensor (@sekyHC)
  • HT-SLM-2 Heimgard Technologies Doorlock with fingerprint (@sekyHC)
  • K10-1220Z TLW Global 12V LED smart driver 15W with 6-port micro plug connector (@busywait)
  • K10-1230Z TLW Global 12V LED smart driver 30W with 6-port micro plug connector (@busywait)
  • K10-1250Z TLW Global 12V LED smart driver 50W with 6-port micro plug connector (@busywait)
  • MAI-ZTP20F Profalux Cover remote (@ralmn)
  • SBM300ZB4 ShinaSystem SiHAS remote control 4 button (@shinasys)
  • SBM300ZC1 ShinaSystem SiHAS remote control (@shinasys)
  • SBM300ZC2 ShinaSystem SiHAS remote control 2 button (@shinasys)
  • SBM300ZC3 ShinaSystem SiHAS remote control 3 button (@shinasys)
  • SBM300ZC4 ShinaSystem SiHAS remote control 4 button (@shinasys)
  • SM0001 TuYa Switch (@kiselio)
  • SPLZB-137 Develco Power plug (@sekyHC)
  • TS0052 TuYa Zigbee dimmer module 1 channel (@Koenkk)
  • TS011F_3_gang TuYa 3 gang wall ac outlet (@Koenkk)
  • TS011F_with_threshold TuYa Din rail switch with power monitoring and threshold settings (@kirovilya)
  • TS0505B_2 TuYa Zigbee RGB+CCT light (@wollo)
  • TS0601_3_phase_clamp_meter_relay TuYa 3-phase clamp power meter with relay (@markwv)
  • TS0601_contact_temperature_humidity_sensor TuYa Contact, temperature and humidity sensor (@CamFlyerCH)
  • TS0601_cover_4 TuYa Cover (@Koenkk)
  • TS0601_smoke_3 TuYa Photoelectric smoke detector (@pgfeller)
  • TS0601_smoke_5 TuYa Smoke sensor (@Koenkk)
  • TS0601_switch_6_gang TuYa 6 gang switch (@willieee802)
  • TS0726 TuYa 4 gang switch with neutral wire (@evangelo18)
  • WDE002960 Schneider Electric Push button dimmer (@energizer91)
  • WXKG04LM Xiaomi Aqara T1 double rocker wireless remote switch (@box-archived)

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