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2 years ago

Today marks the beginning of a new era

We are very excited to share this news with you, especially since we have been working on this for a long time. You probably already heard about the upcoming Matter protocol which aims to provide a unified wireless protocol. We decided to hop on this train, meaning that starting from today Zigbee2MQTT will become Matter2MQTT!

What does this mean for me?

  • The migration is automatic, when upgrading to this version the Zigbee firmware on your adapter will be replaced with a Matter firmware
  • All your Zigbee devices will stop working (we hope this is not a problem for you)
  • All Matter devices in your home will be paired automatically
  • Since the Matter protocol has been delayed for the third time, expect low stability, we are still learning how to deal with Matter 😄

Update: happy Aprils fools day!


  • Important for users running Raspbian Buster: due to #11804, libseccomp2 is required which needs to be installed manually. If you do not do this the container will crash on startup. See the docs on how to do this.
  • A new firmware for adapters based on the CC1352 and CC2652 has been released (20220219) (changelog). Go to the Supported adapters page, your adapter and click on "Coordinator firmware" to retrieve it.



  • #3945 Add power monitoring support to Enbrighten 43082
  • #3946 #3951 More functionality for ZLinky_TIC
  • #3938 Expose lock actions for all locks supporting it
  • #3958 Support power measurements for Sengled E21-N1EA and E1F-N5E and enable OTA for more Sengled devices
  • #3961 Expose system_mode emergency_heating for Hive SLR2/b/c
  • #3963 Support additional gangs and new firmware for Livolo TI0001
  • #11183 Don't cache no_occupancy_since
  • #9826 Expose battery and voltage for Woox R7060
  • #3968 Expose battery & position for Qmotion blinds HDM40PV620
  • #3967 Allow to control all 3 switches of Lidl HG06338
  • #3966 Expose motion_sensitivity and reset_nopresence_status for Xiaomi RTCZCGQ11LM
  • #11381 Expose backlight LED brightness for Aurora Lighting AU-A1ZBDSS
  • #11804 Upgrade Docker container to Node.js 16 and Alpine 3.15
  • #3972 Expose power_outage_count for Xiaomi RTCZCGQ11LM, JT-BZ-01AQ/A, LLKZMK11LM and SSM-U01
  • #3980 Expose running for TuYa TS0601_cover, Xiaomi ZNCLDJ11LM, SRSC-M01 and ZNCLDJ12LM
  • #11789 #11926 Expose cover running/motor state to Home Assistant (allows HA to stop cover)
  • #3989 Expose battery and battery_voltage for Third Reality 3RSS008Z
  • #3993 Support power_outage_memory for Xiaomi LLKZMK11LM
  • #3992 Expose window_open for TuYa TS0601_smart_air_house_keeper and TS0601_thermostat
  • #4008 Expose battery and charging_status for Xiaomi ZNJLBL01LM
  • #4006 Add occupancy_timeout and no_occupancy_since options, as well temperature expose for Xiaomi RTCGQ12LM and RTCGQ13LM
  • #4026 Expose power_outage_memory for Xiaomi SP-EUC01
  • #11119 Support battery and fix configure failing for TuYa TS0601_smoke
  • #3887 Expose battery_voltage for TuYa TS0203
  • #4029 Expose energy and fix configure and reporting for Niko 170-33505
  • #4027 Improve running for Xiaomi Covers and add motor_state for ZNCLDJ11LM
  • #4020 Expose preheat_status, adaptation_run_status, adaptation_run_settings, adaptation_run_control and regulation_setpoint_offset for Danfoss 014G2461
  • #4036 Expose lock, unlock, half_open and tilt for EnOcean PTM 215ZE
  • #4047 Support min and max brightness for TuYa TS0601_dimmer


  • #11675 Fix TS0201 battery (fz.battery is not a function error)
  • #11645 Fix colour symbols appearing in non coloured log
  • #11217 Remove color support for Philips 929003055901 since device doesn't support it
  • #3952 Fix left/right inversed for Legrand 067772
  • #3820 Remove battery and battery_low expose for mains powered TuYa TS0204
  • #11470 Fix TuYa TS0201 battery reporting
  • #11706 Fix power measurements reporting not working for some SmartThings STS-OUT-US-2
  • #3956 Fix power measurements not reported for Xiaomi LLKZMK11LM with newer firmwares
  • #11777 Limit Saswell SEA801-Zigbee/SEA802-Zigbee local temperature calibration range from -6 to 6
  • #3965 Fix AwoX 33952 not being identified
  • #3976 Fix Orvibo AM25 power source
  • #3978 Fix local water temperature not reported for Hive SLR2, SLR2b and SLR2c
  • #3982 Fix co2, ch2o and pm25 incorrect for TuYa TS0601_smart_air_house_keeper
  • #4002 Fix Schneider Electric EKO09738 power measurements
  • #11864 Fix device reconnect resulting in brightness 1 when device is off
  • #10973 Fix configure failing when rejoining device
  • #11872 Fix UK7004240 fails to configure
  • #11392 Fix nothing reported for TuYa TS0222
  • #4037 Fix inverted Xiaomi covers controls
  • #4039 Fix Xiaomi cover position incorrect when not fully opened or closed
  • #4040 Fix TuYa cover _TZE200_rmymn92d position incorrect (inverted)
  • #11915 Enable H/S colour for 33943/33944/33946 and fix colour temperature range
  • #11663 Fix battery reporting not working for TuYa TS0202
  • #9400 Fix TuYa TS0201 not reporting battery percentage

New supported devices

This release adds support for 43 new devices:

  • 046677562229 Philips Hue White PAR20 with Bluetooth
  • 1001923 SLV VALETO LED GU10 RGBW
  • 106-03 Plugwise Tom thermostatic radiator valve
  • 14158704L Lidl Livarno Home LED floor lamp, RGBW
  • 1746530P7 Philips Hue White and color ambiance Daylo outdoor wall lamp
  • 3025CSGZ Schneider Electric Dual connected smart socket
  • 4023331P6 Philips Hue white ambiance Amaze
  • 4512737 Namron Touch termostat
  • 45391 Müller Licht Smart power strip
  • 511.544 Iluminize Zigbee 3.0 wall dimmer RGBW 4 zone
  • 552-721X1 Niko Single connectable switch
  • 552-721X2 Niko Double connectable switch
  • 801480 Philips Hue white ambiance 4" retrofit recessed downlight
  • 81809FBA AduroSmart ERIA colors and white shades smart light bulb A19/BR30
  • 90504044 IKEA NYMÅNE Pendant lamp
  • 915005997001 Philips Hue white ambiance ceiling light Enrave XL with Bluetooth
  • 929002335105 Philips Hue white ambiance E26 1600lm with Bluetooth
  • 929002980901 Philips Hue white ambiance G40 E26 filament globe with Bluetooth
  • 929003047101 Philips Hue White ambiance Milliskin (round)
  • 929003055201 Philips Hue Being
  • AC33903 LEDVANCE SMART+ classic P 40 E14 tunable white
  • AC33905 LEDVANCE SMART+ spot GU10 tunable white
  • AC33906 LEDVANCE SMART+ spot GU10 multicolor RGBW
  • BY 266 Innr B22 (Bayonet) bulb, dimmable
  • CCT595011 Schneider Electric Wiser motion sensor
  • EKO05806 ELKO Elko ESH 316 Endevender RF
  • HG08164 Lidl Silvercrest smart button
  • OR-ZB-S010-3C ORVIBO Smart Socket
  • QS-Zigbee-C03 Lonsonho Curtain/blind motor controller
  • R7051 Woox Smart siren
  • RB 249 T Innr E14 candle, dimmable with, color temp
  • RB 266 Innr E27 bulb
  • SP-PS1-02 Spotmau Smart wall switch - 1 gang
  • SP-PS2-02 Spotmau Smart wall switch - 2 gang
  • TS0002_switch_module_2 TuYa 2 gang switch module
  • TS011F_2_gang_2_usb_wall TuYa 2 gang 2 usb wall outlet
  • WM25L-Z Smartwings Roller shade
  • X2SK11 XingHuoYuan Smart socket
  • YMF30 Yale Digital lock
  • ZB24100VS EVN Zigbee multicolor controller with power supply
  • ZGR904-S Envilar Envilar touchlink remote

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