npm zigbee2mqtt 1.22.0

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2 years ago


  • The TypeScript refactor has been finished therefore Zigbee2MQTT is now fully written in TypeScript. This refactor brings some changes to the external extensions. The onMQTTConnected() and onZigbeeStarted() are replaced with start(), the onMQTTMessage() and onZigbeeEvent() methods are not called automatically anymore and require subscription through the eventbus (documentation).
  • With this release also comes the launch of the new site, created by psi-4ward. Make sure to check it out at!


  • #6281 The availability feature has been reimplemented. Adding more features, improving reliability and putting less stress on the network. Old configurations will still work (advanced.availability_timeout) but it is recommended to update your configuration.yaml. (documentation)
  • #9056 Allow to create and recall scenes in the frontend
  • #9110 Allow to manage device options in frontend

Screenshot 2021-10-23 at 10 53 51


  • #3109 Adds OTA support for Develco EMIZB-132
  • #3112 Support minimum_on_level for ubisys D1 / D1-R
  • #3121 Expose battery_low for NAS-PD07
  • #8956 Stop Zigbee2MQTT with error when initial MQTT connect fails
  • #3119 Add firmware version reporting for Develco EMIZB-132 and SMSZB-120
  • #3083 Adding pin code programming, presenting action and auto relock for easyCodeTouch_v1
  • #8287 Home Assistant: discover last_seen sensor when enabled
  • #3068 Improve TuYa device interviewing stability
  • #926 Allow publishing to device by endpoint ID
  • #3158 Expose temperature for Xiaomi SJCGQ11LM
  • #3164 Improve support for Busch-Jaeger 6735/6736/6737
  • #3166 Support mode_switch for Xiaomi QBKG39LM, QBKG38LM and QBKG25LM
  • #9214 Expose device and group configuration_url to Home Assistant
  • #9147 Woox R7049 support smoke test
  • #9312 Add support for unit of measurement to HA number entities
  • #3227 Add operation mode for YSR-MINI-Z
  • #3222 Expose illuminance_above_threshold and add illuminance_below_threshold_check for IKEA E1525/E1745
  • #3241 Expose 2 endpoints for OSRAM 4062172044776


  • #3066 Fix EMIZB-132 divisor
  • #7423 Fix last seen not published when changed
  • #3107 Fix power monitoring for TuYa TS011F with manufacturer name _TZ3000_dpo1ysak
  • #8959 Fix external converters not loading
  • #3145 Fix incorrect battery percentage for some Yale locks
  • #8769 #8617 Fix Home Assistant template variable warnings
  • #9085 Fix Node.js 10 compatibility
  • #9133 Fix crash when converter throws exception
  • #3171 Fix incorrect naming for window_open_internal (closing -> closed)
  • #3176 Fix setpoint_change_source for Danfoss and Popp thermostats
  • #3122 Home Assistant fix discovery for covers only supporting tilt
  • #3086 Fix button 2, 3 and 4 not working for Sunricher SR-ZG9001K12-DIM-Z4
  • #3202 Fix power source for 3RWS18BZ
  • #3201 Fix running_state always null for Eurotronic thermostats
  • #9268 Fix Home Assistant discovery for select having numbers as options
  • #3218 Fix TRADFRI LED1624G9 not supporting color temperature
  • #9057 Fix power measurements for TS011F _TZ3000_cphmq0q7 wit appVersion 69
  • #3229 Fix value_min/max not correct for Home Assistant number when 0
  • #8349 Fix brightness command timing out for GL-SD-001

New supported devices

This release adds support for 75 new devices:

  • 3157100-E Centralite 3-Series pearl touch thermostat,
  • 322054 Lanesto Dimmable led driver
  • 3261348P6 Philips Hue white ambiance Still
  • 5060731P7 Philips Hue White & Color ambience Centris ceiling light (4 spots)
  • 5060931P7 Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance Centris ceiling light (3 spots)
  • 5110.40 Iluminize Zigbee 3.0 LED controller multi 5 - 4A,RGB W/CCT LED
  • 5112.80 Iluminize Zigbee 3.0 LED-controller 1x 8A
  • 5633031P9 Philips Hue White ambiance Pillar spotlight
  • 6109231C5 Philips Hue white ambiance Apogee square
  • 6109331C5 Philips Hue white ambiance Apogee round
  • 70049 Bega Zigbee control module DALI
  • 8719514301481 Philips Hue Filament Globe Ambiance E27
  • 8719514301542 Philips Hue Filament Globe XL Ambiance E27
  • 9134 LED Trading Powerstrip with 4 sockets and USB
  • 9290018217 Philips Hue white A60 bulb B22 bluetooth
  • 929002376301 Philips Hue Iris rose limited edition (generation 4)
  • 92900244777 Philips Hue White Ambiance E27 ST64 filament bulb
  • 9290024684 Philips Hue white ambiance E27 1100lm with Bluetooth
  • 929002469202 Philips Hue white A60 bulb E27 1050lm with Bluetooth
  • 929002471601 Philips Hue white and color ambiance E26/E27 1600lm
  • 929002477901 Philips Hue white filament Edison ST72 E27 LED warm-to-cool
  • 929002478401 Philips Hue white filament Edison ST19 E26 LED warm-to-cool
  • 929002966401 Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance Surimu square panel
  • 929002966501 Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Surimu rectangle panel
  • 929003050601 Philips Hue smart plug
  • BSM-300ZB ShinaSystem SiHAS remote control
  • CSM-300ZB ShinaSystem SiHAS multipurpose sensor
  • DSM-300ZB ShinaSystem SiHAS contact sensor
  • EFEKTA_ePWS Custom devices (DiY) Plant wattering sensor with e-ink display
  • HK-DIM-A Candeo Zigbee LED dimmer smart switch
  • Icon Danfoss Icon floor heating (regulator, Zigbee module & thermostats)
  • KEYZB-110 Develco Keypad
  • KP-23EL-ZBS-ACE Climax Remote Keypad
  • LDSENK10 ADEO LEXMAN motion sensor
  • LED1949C5 IKEA TRADFRI LED bulb E14 470 lumen, wireless dimmable white spectrum/chandelier opal white
  • MIR-HE200-TY TuYa Human presence sensor
  • MSM-300ZB ShinaSystem SiHAS remote control 4 button
  • NCZ-3010 Nyce Door hinge sensor
  • PECLS01 Perenio Flood alarm device
  • PECWS01 Perenio Door sensor
  • QBKG19LM Xiaomi Aqara smart wall switch T1 (with neutral, single rocker)
  • QBKG20LM Xiaomi Aqara smart wall switch T1 (with neutral, double rocker)
  • QBKG34LM Xiaomi Aqara smart wall switch T1 (with neutral, three rocker)
  • ROB_200-025-0 ROBB Zigbee 8 button wall switch
  • S24013 The Light Group SLC SmartOne AC dimmer mini 200W Zigbee LN
  • S57003 The Light Group SLC SmartOne Zigbee wall remote 4-channels
  • SBM300Z1 ShinaSystem SiHAS IOT smart switch 1 gang
  • SBM300Z2 ShinaSystem SiHAS IOT smart switch 2 gang
  • SBM300Z3 ShinaSystem SiHAS IOT smart switch 3 gang
  • SBM300Z4 ShinaSystem SiHAS IOT smart switch 4 gang
  • SBM300Z5 ShinaSystem SiHAS IOT smart switch 5 gang
  • SBM300Z6 ShinaSystem SiHAS IOT smart switch 6 gang
  • SBM300ZB1 ShinaSystem SiHAS remote control
  • SBM300ZB2 ShinaSystem SiHAS remote control 2 button
  • SBM300ZB3 ShinaSystem SiHAS remote control 3 button
  • SMART-HEAT10 Alecto Radiator valve with thermostat
  • TS0001_switch_module TuYa 1 gang switch module
  • TS0002_switch_module TuYa 2 gang switch module
  • TS0003_switch_module TuYa 3 gang switch module
  • TS0004_switch_module TuYa 4 gang switch module
  • TS0111_valve TuYa Smart water/gas valve
  • TS011F_plug_1 TuYa Smart plug (with power monitoring)
  • TS011F_plug_3 TuYa Smart plug (with power monitoring by polling)
  • TS0601_motion_sensor TuYa Human presence sensor AIR
  • TS0601_rcbo TuYa DIN mount RCBO with smart energy metering
  • TS0601_thermostat_1 TuYa Thermostatic radiator valve
  • TS1101_dimmer_module TuYa 2CH Zigbee dimmer module
  • TSM-300ZB ShinaSystem SiHAS temperature/humidity sensor
  • TV01-ZB Moes Thermostat radiator valve
  • USM-300ZB ShinaSystem SiHAS multipurpose sensor
  • WDE002386 Schneider Electric Push button dimmer
  • WDE002906 Schneider Electric Wiser wireless switch 1-gang
  • YRL226 TS Yale Assure lock SL
  • YSR-MINI-Z TuYa 2 in 1 dimming remote control and scene control
  • ZTS-EU_4gang Moes Wall touch light switch (4 gang)

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