npm zigbee2mqtt 1.21.0

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2 years ago


  • Because of #7980 this release requires at least Home Assistant 2021.7.0
  • This release fixes an issue in the backup/restore mechanism (#7680) which prevented devices to join via a router after reflashing the firmware of your adapter. Since this was caused by an incomplete backup, users who already reflashed their coordinators earlier have to repair the routers where joninig is not working for. This only applies to adapters with a Z-Stack_3.x.0 (e.g. zzh, CC2652R launchpad, Slaesh's) firmware. Important: before reflashing your adapter, make sure to start and stop this release at least once! This ensures your backup (coordinator_backup.json) is correct.
  • New firmwares are available for Texas Instruments CC2652R, CC2652RB, CC1352P-2 based adapters: 20210708 (changelog). This i.a. enables control for the LEDs (will be on when joining is permitted) and fixes an issue of devices not being able to join when joining is only enabled on a specific router. Important: before reflashing first read the point above.
  • Over time the Zigbee2MQTT codebase will be migrated to TypeScript (#8074). By switching to TypeScript the Zigbee2MQTT codebase will be better maintainable. Since Node.js cannot run TypeScript natively a compilation step is required. Zigbee2MQTT will automatically handle this part upon initial start and after updating (you will see Building Zigbee2MQTT... in the log). No action from users is required.


  • #395 Support migration from CC2531/CC2530 on 1.2 firmware to CC2652/CC1352/CC2538 without repairing all devices


  • #8187 Add support for Home Assistant energy statistics
  • #7359 Update to new Home Assistant MQTT Fan discovery
  • #7931 Enable color via hue/saturation for Gledopto devices
  • #2760 Add battery voltage support for 3RSS009Z
  • Prefer external converter definitions of zigbee-herdsman-converters definitions.
  • #7980 Discover enum exposes as select entities in Home Assistant
  • #2780 Add color temperature range for Philips Hue 9290022943
  • #8032 Discover color temperature range for Home Assistant groups
  • #2835 Add more functionallity for Develco SMSZB-120
  • #7553 Increase reliability of TuYa end device interviewing
  • #2839 Support color temperature for Ikea LED1937T5
  • #2845 Add toggle action for Legrand 067774
  • #8190 Add pincode configuration functionality for all Yale locks


  • #2750 SMSZB-120: add OTA and expose firmware version
  • #2756 Set colorTempRange for A9A19A60WESDZ02 and A9BR3065WESDZ02
  • #7918 Fix Home Assistant group discovery collision between different Zigbee2MQTT instances.
  • #2735 Fix and expose Xiaomi operation_mode controls
  • #7432 Fix last_seen not always updated
  • #2784 Fix no hue_stop after hue_move and add action_rate
  • #8030 Expose manufacturer in frontend
  • #8062 Fix power source for STS-IRM-251 and STS-WTR-250
  • #392 Fix socket handling with Deconz adapter
  • #2818 Livolo dimmer and switch bug fixes
  • #7762 Fix not able to join device via router after a reflash of the adapter (restore of backup) (only applies to adapter on ZStack 3.x.0 or 3.0.x firmware)
  • #7921 Fix SmartThings multipurpose sensor IM6001-MPP01 reporting every few seconds
  • #2828 Separate SRSC-M01 from ZNCLDJ11LM
  • #6897 Fix Heiman HS2IRC no response
  • #2814 Fix some cacheable not being cached
  • #8137 Fix .flat is not a function error.
  • #8144 Fix configure failing for some TH1123ZB devices
  • #693 Fix non-existing devices returned from group members
  • #8149 Fix delay on second button click for TuYa TS0041 TS0042 TS0043 TS0044
  • #2851 Fix hue_power_on_color
  • #8130 Reduce Niko 170-33505 reporting interval
  • #2854 Fix QBKG25LM configure failing

New supported devices

This release adds support for 54 devices:

  • 1740293P0 Philips Hue Lucca Pedestal
  • 3328-G Centralite 3-Series micro motion sensor
  • 3417831P6 Philips Hue white ambiance Adore spotlight with Bluetooth (1 spot)
  • 3417831P6 Philips Hue white ambiance Adore spotlight with Bluetooth (1 spot)
  • 3418331P6 Philips Hue white ambiance Adore bathroom mirror light
  • 3418931P6 Philips Hue white ambiance Struana bathroom ceiling with bluetooth 2400lm
  • 5047430P6 Philips Hue White ambiance Buckram quadruple spotlight
  • 5060830P7 Philips Hue White & Color ambience Centris ceiling light (3 spots)
  • 5063230P7 Philips Hue Bluetooth white & color ambiance spot Fugato black (2 spots)
  • 5063330P7 Philips Hue Bluetooth white & color ambiance spot Fugato black (3 spots)
  • 5063430P7 Philips Hue Bluetooth White & Color Ambiance spot Fugato black (4 spots)
  • 5309230P6 Philips Hue White ambiance Runner double spotlight
  • 5309331P6 Philips Hue White ambiance Runner triple spotlight
  • 5633030P6 Philips Hue White ambiance Pillar spotlamp
  • 73889 OSRAM Smart home soft white PAR38 outdoor bulb
  • 74388 Sylvania Smart+ contact and temperature sensor
  • CM001 LELLKI Circuit switch
  • CTHS-317-ET CASAIA Remote temperature probe on cable
  • DG15A-1BW Leviton Indoor Decora smart Zigbee 3.0 certified plug-in outlet
  • DIYRuZ_Zintercom DIYRuZ Matrix intercom auto opener
  • E13-N11 Sengled Flood light with motion sensor light outdoor
  • EFEKTA_PWS Custom devices (DiY) [Plant Wattering Sensor]
  • Eco-Dim.05 EcoDim LED dimmer duo 2x 0-100W
  • FUT039Z Miboxer RGB+CCT LED controller
  • GL-SD-001 Gledopto Zigbee triac AC dimmer
  • HC-SLM-1 Home Control AS Heimgard (Wattle) door lock pro
  • HG06463A Lidl Livarno Lux E27 ST64 filament bulb
  • ID-UK21FW09 Iolloi Zigbee LED smart dimmer switch
  • JZ-ZB-001 LELLKI Smart plug (without power monitoring)
  • JZ-ZB-002 LELLKI 2 gang touch switch
  • JZ-ZB-003 LELLKI 3 gang switch
  • LED1936G5 IKEA TRADFRI LED globe-bulb E27 470 lumen, dimmable, white spectrum, opal white
  • MS-105B Moes Smart dimmer module (2 gang)
  • MS-105Z Moes 1 gang 2 way Zigbee dimmer switch
  • QBKG40LM Xiaomi Aqara E1 1 gang switch (with neutral)
  • QBKG41LM Xiaomi Aqara E1 2 gang switch (with neutral)
  • S-LUX-ZB TuYa Light sensor
  • SM0201 Tuya Temperature & humidity sensor with LED screen
  • VOCKQJK11LM Xiaomi Aqara TVOC air quality monitor
  • WL4200S Sinope Zigbee smart water leak detector
  • WS-EUK01 Xiaomi Aqara smart wall switch H1 EU (no neutral, single rocker)
  • WS-EUK02 Xiaomi Aqara smart wall switch H1 EU (no neutral, double rocker)
  • WXKG13LM Xiaomi Aqara T1 wireless mini switch
  • XHK1-TC Xfinity Alarm security keypad
  • ZB-5001 RGB Genie Zigbee 3.0 remote control
  • ZB-5122 RGB Genie Micro remote and color dimmer with single scene recall
  • ZG302-BOX-RELAY Envilar Zigbee AC in wall switch
  • ZLD-RCW Moes RGB+CCT Zigbee LED Controller
  • ZNCZ11LM Xiaomi Aqara power plug ZigBee
  • ZNCZ15LM Xiaomi Aqara T1 power plug ZigBee
  • ZS230002 Linkind 5-key smart bulb dimmer switch light remote control
  • ZVG1 RTX Zigbee smart water valve
  • ZeeFlora Custom devices (DiY) Flower sensor with rechargeable battery
  • easyCodeTouch_v1 Onesti Products AS Zigbee module for EasyAccess code touch series

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