npm zigbee2mqtt 1.18.3

latest releases: 1.38.0, 1.37.1, 1.37.0...
3 years ago


  • Home Assistant users: due to #7057 at least Home Assistant 2021.4.5 is required
  • The famous devices.js file has been removed. Due to the amount of supported devices this file became very big (17K+ lines) and was therefore barely loadable in e.g. the Github web editor. This file has been split per vendor. The How to support new devices guide has been rewritten to use external converters instead.


  • #7064 Add log_symlink_current option to create symlink to current logs in log directory (documentation)
  • #6906 Add OTA update for some Xiaomi devices
  • #2455 Support power_outage_memory for Xiaomi ZNLDP12LM
  • #7127 Support binding of server clusters towards clients
  • #2501 Yale YRD226/246 TSDB support pincode management
  • #7057 Home Assistant: use color_mode for lights
  • #2509 Xiaomi SSM-U01 add switch_type and power_outage_memory
  • #2514 Added lock user status functions for YRD246 lock
  • #7242 Only attempt to configure end device when message is received from it


  • #2442 Fix Fantem ZB003-X not reporting data
  • #2440 Fix Ubisys OTA not working for new OTA files
  • #2445 Fix Lidl bulb color capabilities
  • #2444 Fix color temp percent nog sticking to min/max range of bulb
  • #6713 Fix Tuya TS0121_plug not reporting power anymore after restart via frontend
  • #7011 Fix power source being Unknown for lights
  • #6987 Home Assistant fix template rendering warnings for dictionary missing attribute
  • #430 Fix device option set to null instead of removed when sending null
  • #2472 Fix Aqara D1 action expose data
  • #6905 Fix optimistic group state property not postfixed with endpoint name when necessary.
  • #6905 Fix state of group not changing when state of specific endpoint is changed
  • #7004 Fix high CPU usage with Deconz adapter
  • #7088 LED Driver TuYa TS0503B RGB UNSUPPORTED_ATTRIBUTE when try restore color
  • #2479 Fix Bitron 902010/29 exposes as smoke sensor (while it is only a siren)
  • #7038 Fix brightness state incorrect when brightness_step with transition is stopped with brightness_step 0
  • #2487 Correct get/set position for bticino 4027C
  • #7074 Home Assistant: fix device_automation not published when homeassistant is in device options
  • #2498 AU-A1VG125Z5E/19 turns off at brightness 1
  • #2485 Improve reliability of interview procedure
  • #7106 Fix brightness of light not restored correctly after restart when transition is used
  • #2503 Fix position being a string
  • #2507 SMSZB-120: added test, removed tamper
  • #7038 Fix state of all members except first incorrect when brightness_move is send to group
  • #7200 Force powerSource to battery for Ikea E1525/E1745
  • #2512 Fix controlling of TI0001-switch-2gang not working
  • #2518 Fix TuYa TS0013 and TS0014 reporting battery power source
  • #2517 Fix TuYa TS0013 and TS0014 automatically turning off after 2 minutes
  • #2519 Fix TuYa WHD02 reported as unsupported when it doesn't report a modelID
  • #7230 Properly handle SIGTERM and other kernel events
  • #4472 Fix STS-PRS-251 beep not working
  • #719 Fix HCHO sensor unit (mg/m³)
  • #2530 Fixed battery voltage conversion for HMSZB-110
  • #7088 TS0505B doesn't support enhancedHue
  • #7229 Remove running_state expose from TS0601_thermostat

New supported devices

This release adds support for 30 new devices:

  • 0402946 Datek Zigbee module for ID lock 150
  • 07089L Immax NEO SMART LED E27 5W
  • 10297665 HORNBACH FLAIR Viyu Smart LED bulb CCT E27 filament
  • 141L100RC Aldi MEGOS switch and dimming light remote control
  • 1GNNTS WETEN 1 gang no neutral touch wall switch
  • 3417711P6 Philips Hue white ambiance Adore wall light
  • 3418631P6 Philips Hue Adore bathroom mirror
  • 4062172044776 OSRAM OSRAM Zigbee 3.0 DALI CONV LI dimmer for DALI-based luminaires
  • 4512729 Namron Zigbee 2 channel switch K4 white
  • 5120.1200 Iluminize Zigbee 3.0 switch mini 1x230V with neutral, 200W/400W
  • 57008000 Insta Blinds actor with lift/tilt calibration & with with inputs for wall switches
  • 5995111U5 Philips Hue white ambiance 5/6" retrofit recessed downlight
  • 5p1vj8r Smart9 Smoke sensor
  • 73807 Sylvania LIGHTIFY LED soft white dimmable BR30
  • AU-A1VG125Z5E/19 Aurora Lighting AOne 4W smart dimmable G125 lamp 1900K
  • AU-A1VGSZ5E/19 Aurora Lighting AOne 4W smart dimmable Vintage GLS lamp 1900K
  • CB432 OWON 32A/63A power circuit breaker
  • EasyCode903G2.1 EasyAccess EasyFinger V2
  • FK_V02 FrankEver Zigbee smart water valve
  • PIR313-E OWON Motion sensor
  • ROB_200-009-0 ROBB Zigbee 2 button wall switch
  • RSL 115 Innr Recessed spot light
  • SMRZB-143 Develco Smart cable
  • SR-ZG9080A Sunricher Curtain motor controller
  • TS011F_wall_outlet TuYa In-wall outlet
  • TS0601_din TuYa Zigbee smart energy meter DDS238-2 Zigbee
  • TS0601_gas_sensor TuYa gas sensor
  • ZB-5004 RGB Genie Zigbee 3.0 remote control
  • ZG401224 Matcall LED dimmer driver
  • ZG430700 Matcall LED dimmer driver

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