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3 years ago


  • Zigbee2MQTT has now been integrated with Xiamoli cloud. The new Xiaomli cloud integration marks the start of a new era for Zigbee2MQTT. By connecting to the Xiaomli cloud Zigbee2MQTT will be able to offer a better user experience to its user. By centralizing all Zigbee2MQTT services in the Xiaomli cloud people can easily view other running Zigbee2MQTT instances all over the world! This opens up the possibility to e.g. easily share configuration with each other. Zigbee2MQTT users now have insight in what other Zigbee devices people are using which makes it easier to decide what Zigbee device to buy next, how awesome! To start using the Xiaomli integration, the only thing you need to do is accepting the user agreement in the frontend. Want to discuss this superb amazing new feature? Feel free to join the discussion here: #6908. Happy April fools day!


  • If you are using the Home Assistant integration, make sure you are at least on Home Assistant 2021.3.0 (due to #6544)


  • #2283 Add color_mode property which indicates the color mode of a device (color_temp, xy, hs)
  • #2326 Support on_time and off_wait_time for turning ON devices
  • #2309 Improvements related to ptvo.switch
  • #2295 SmartThings IM6001-MPP01 expose x/y/z axis values
  • #2312 BHT-002-GCLZB enable local temperature calibration
  • #6532 Increase default OTA update interval to 1 day (from 10 minutes)
  • #2315 Add support for battery reporting for ZS232000178
  • #2320 Set color_temp range for Müller Licht 404006/404008/404004
  • #2317 BHT-002-GCLZB thermostat improvements
  • #2318 Allow get on keypad_lockout
  • #2331 Fix Fantem MultiSensor ZB003-X occupancy and add illumination sensor and add tamper detection
  • #2333 BHT-002-GCLZB expose maximum temperature limit
  • #2337 Danfoss 014G2461 battery reporting and read keypad_lockout
  • #2351 Support window_open for Viessmann ZK03840
  • #2347 Sonoff SNZB-02 and SNZB-04 more accurate battery reporting
  • #2370 Support occupancy for CentraLite 3400-D
  • #2372 Viessmann TRV ZK03840 support window_open_force and assembly_mode
  • #2378 Cleanup versions for Heiman HS1DS and HS3DS
  • #2373 Correct expose type for keypad lockout
  • #2402 Improve bTicino *4027C support
  • #2404 Danfoss Ally Themrostat 014G2461 improvements and fixes
  • #2407 Improve support for Livolo TI0001-cover
  • #2405 Zemismart ZM-CSW032-D Curtain/roller blind switch get and set position


  • #6500 Xiaomi lights don't support color_temp_startup
  • #6520 Fix TS0012 marked as battery device
  • #6562 Mark QBKG21LM and QBKG22LM as EndDevice
  • #6580 Fix no attribute property in configured_reportings when attribute is manufacturer specific
  • #2322 Fix battery reporting for XHS2-UE contact sensor
  • #2322 Support temperature and humidity for Iris 1117-S motion sensor
  • #2322 Linkind ZS190000118 support power_on_behavior
  • #6593 Force WSDCGQ11LM powerSource to battery
  • #2268 Fix Moes thermostat negative local temperature
  • #2338 Fix Legrand 067776 being inverted
  • #6021 SmartThings F-MLT-US-2 fix unknown power source
  • #6636 Set battery voltage unit to millivolts instead of volts
  • #6628 Fix restart not reloading configuration
  • #2346 Fix incorrect child_lock state, LOCKED -> LOCK, UNLOCKED -> UNLOCK
  • #6601 Fix TuYa cover position updating incorrectly
  • #2359 Remove tamper for SNZB-04 since device does not support it
  • #2377 Fix EchoStar SAGE206612 Doorbell channels state
  • #2387 Fix STS-IRM-250 battery reporting
  • #2390 Fix ETOP thermostat wrong battery_low state
  • #6718 Fix incorrect group state
  • #2411 Fix incorrect battery percentage for ROB_200-007-0
  • #6810 Fix no transaction in group and bind responses
  • #2414 Fix HG06335 battery reporting not working
  • #6836 Fix white colour not controllable for GL-C-007P

New supported devices

This release adds support for 44 new devices:

  • 07042L Immax Neo RECUADRO SMART, color temp, dimmable, Zigbee 3.0
  • 07073L Immax Neo CANTO/HIPODROMO SMART, color temp, dimmable, Zigbee 3.0
  • 07088L Immax Neo SMART LED filament E27 6.3W warm white, dimmable, Zigbee 3.0
  • 1741530P7 Philips Hue Lily outdoor spot light
  • 33943 AwoX LED RGB & brightness
  • 33944 AwoX LED E27 light with color and color temperature
  • 3417931P6 Philips Hue white ambiance Adore GU10 with Bluetooth (2 spots)
  • 3418131P6 Philips Hue white ambiance Adore GU10 with Bluetooth (3 spots)
  • 3418411P6 Philips Hue white ambiance bathroom ceiling light Adore with Bluetooth
  • 4034030P6 Philips Hue Fair with Bluetooth
  • 4058075208353 LEDVANCE SMART+ gardenpole multicolour
  • 43082 Enbrighten Zigbee in-wall smart dimmer
  • 4512705 Namron Zigbee 4 channel remote control
  • 5063231P7 Philips Hue Bluetooth white & color ambiance spot Fugato (2 spots)
  • 5063431P7 Philips Hue Bluetooth White & Color Ambiance spot Fugato (4 spots)
  • 5120.1210 Iluminize Zigbee 3.0 switch mini 1x230V without neutral, 200W/400W
  • 545D6514 Schneider Electric LK FUGA wiser wireless double relay
  • 902010/23 Bitron 4 button Zigbee remote control
  • 929003017102 Philips Hue wall switch module
  • AU-A1GSZ9RGBW_HV-GSCXZB269K Aurora Lighting AOne 9.5W smart RGBW GLS E27/B22
  • AU-A1ZBDSS Aurora Lighting Double smart socket UK
  • BAC-002-ALZB HKGK BAC series thermostat
  • BPU3 AduroSmart ERIA smart plug
  • CC2538.ROUTER.V2 Custom devices (DiY) MODKAM stick СС2538 router with temperature sensor
  • DG6HD-1BW Leviton Zigbee in-wall smart dimmer
  • GL-C-009P Gledopto Zigbee LED Controller W (pro)
  • HESZB-120 Develco Fire detector with siren
  • HSE2905E Datek Datek Eva AMS HAN power-meter sensor
  • IL06_1 Iris Contact and temperature sensor
  • N20 KAMI Entry sensor
  • R7060 Woox Smart garden irrigation control
  • RB 172 W Innr ZigBee E27 retrofit bulb, warm dimmable 2200-2700K, 806 Lm
  • RCL 110 Innr Round ceiling light
  • RDCBC/Z SOHAN Electric DIN circuit breaker (1 pole / 2 poles)
  • SAGE206611 Echostar SAGE by Hughes single gang light switch
  • SG-V100-ZB Dawon DNS IOT remote control smart gas lock
  • SLR2b Hive Dual channel heating and hot water thermostat
  • TI0001-cover Livolo Zigbee roller blind motor
  • W2049 IKEA STYRBAR remote control N2
  • WHD02 TuYa Wall switch module
  • ZB-5028 RGB Genie RGB remote with 4 endpoints and 3 scene recalls
  • ZS130000178 Linkind Security system key fob
  • ZTS-EU_3gang Moes Wall touch light switch (3 gang)

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