npm zigbee2mqtt 1.14.0

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4 years ago


  • Electrolama zig-a-zig-ah! (zzh!) adapter is now officially supported (docs)
  • New Z-Stack_3.x.0 firmware available 20200417 (for CC2652R/CC1352P users) (link)



  • #3483 Support power_outage_memory for Xiaomi ZNCZ04LM (docs)
  • #2566 Publish brightness 0 when state of bulb is OFF
  • #1183 HSV gamma correction
  • #3561 Add action for Bticino K4003C
  • #3660 Support Node.js 14


  • #2439 Fix UNSUPPORTED_ATTRIBUTE error for hue_power_on_behavior
  • #3578 Fix number action causing exception in Home Assistant extension
  • #3538 Fix HS1SA-M configure failing due to UNSUPPORTED_ATTRIBUTE error
  • #1252 Fix not able to read state from multiple endpoints at once
  • #3592 Fix messages being skipped for Xiaomi devices with Deconz adapter
  • #1252 Fix QBKG03LM, QBKG04LM, QBKG11LM and QBKG12LM reporting click on state get and fix state get
  • #1252 Log friendly error when endpoint does not exist on device
  • #3582 Only return LOCK state for locks when it's actually locked (no state assumption)
  • #3625 Republish availability on MQTT connected
  • #3572 Fix old state being published due to debounce
  • #3620 Threshold based precision generates invalid MQTT autodiscovery template for Home Assistant
  • #3641 Fix HS1CA-E configure failing
  • #3623 Fix networkmap error when using Gledopto GL-C-008-2ID
  • #3575 Fix 4257050-RZHAC configure failing
  • #3643 Xiaomi LLKZMK11LM - click_undefined topic
  • #3667 Remove static action_group for Trådfri E1810/E1524
  • #3668 Fix state not updated on toggle with specific endpoint
  • #3702 Discovery Home Assistant battery sensor for Danalock V3
  • #3705 Add colortemp_move for group

New supported devices

  • 100.462.31 Paul Neuhaus Q-REMOTE
  • 12127 Lupus 2 chanel relay
  • 14592.0 Vimar 2-way switch IoT connected mechanism
  • 160-01 Plugwise Plug power socket on/off with power consumption monitoring
  • 4058075181472 LEDVANCE SMART+ panel 60 x 60cm tunable white
  • 4058075816459 OSRAM Smart+ switch
  • 73699 OSRAM Gardenspot LED mini RGB
  • 8718696170557 Philips Hue Calla outdoor
  • 9290022891 Philips Hue Lily outdoor led strip
  • AU-A1ZBDWS Aurora Lighting Magnetic door & window contact sensor
  • AU-A1ZBPIAB Aurora Lighting Power plug Zigbee EU
  • AV2010/22A Bitron Wireless motion detector
  • BE468 Schlage Connect smart deadbolt
  • DIYRuZ_Geiger DIYRuZ DiY Geiger counter
  • DJT12LM Xiaomi Aqara vibration sensor
  • DWS003 Hive Contact sensor
  • E1E-G7F Sengled Smart switch
  • LH-990F iHORN PIR motion sensor
  • QBKG22LM Xiaomi Aqara D1 2 gang smart wall switch (no neutral wire)
  • QBKG24LM Xiaomi Aqara D1 2 gang smart wall switch (with neutral wire)
  • QBKG25LM Xiaomi Aqara D1 3 gang smart wall switch (no neutral wire)
  • SAGE206612 EchoStar SAGE by Hughes doorbell sensor
  • SJCGQ12LM Xiaomi Aqara water leak sensor
  • SN10ZW ORVIBO Occupancy sensor
  • STS-IRM-251 SmartThings Motion sensor (2017 model)
  • SWO-MOS1PA Swann Motion and temperature sensor
  • TI0001-socket Livolo New Zigbee Socket work in progress
  • TI0001-switch Livolo New Zigbee Switch work in progress
  • WS-USC01 Xiaomi Aqara smart wall switch (no neutral, single rocker)
  • WS-USC02 Xiaomi Aqara smart wall switch (no neutral, double rocker)
  • WS-USC04 Xiaomi Aqara smart wall switch (neutral, double rocker)
  • WSDCGQ12LM Xiaomi Aqara temperature, humidity and pressure sensor
  • WXKG06LM Xiaomi Aqara D1 single key wireless wall switch
  • XDD12LM Xiaomi Aqara Opple MX650
  • ZS232000178 Linkind 1-key remote control
  • mcdj3aq TuYa Tubular motor

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