npm zigbee2mqtt 1.13.0

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4 years ago


  • #3322 Zigbee Green Power support (adds support for e.g. Philips Hue Tap, Friends of Hue switches) (documentation)
  • #1135 Value based precision rounding for illuminance_lux_precision, temperature_precision, humidity_precision and pressure_precision (documentation)


  • #1620 Don't log no converter warning for genOta messages
  • #3368 Set state/brightness as last when device is off
  • #1161 Add level control support for 6715 (RM01)
  • #3271 Allow to randomize network_key by settings network_key: GENERATE
  • OTA support for Sengled bulbs
  • #3422 OTA update log always 2 decimal percentage
  • #3421 Coordinator shows up in configuration.yam.
  • #1183 HSV gamma correction


  • #3311 Don't setup reporting for TS0001
  • #3238 Fix adapter and database reset when communication error happens during start
  • #3320 ptvo_switch_uart value ep1 published in all messages
  • #3308 Fix position out-of-sync when Blaupunkt SCM-S1 is controlled via remote
  • #903 SP600 is flooding the network with messages
  • #3352 Fix color not applied when setting together with brightness_percent
  • #3302 Fix exception in Home Assistant extension when device not mapped
  • #1178 Brightness for TuYa dimmer reported as string
  • #1185 Fix TH1400ZB piHeatingDemand valu e not correct
  • #3332 Fix some lights not turning on after setting brightness
  • #3339 Don't throw exception when device requets OTA but does not have OTA endpoint

New supported devices

  • E11-N13/E11-N13A/E11-N14/E11-N14A Sengled Element extra bright (A19)
  • DNCKATSD001 Custom devices (DiY) DNCKAT single key wired wall dimmable light switch
  • owvfni3 TuYa Curtain motor
  • ZHS-15 Schwaiger Power socket on/off with power consumption monitoring
  • HALIGHTDIMWWE14 Hive Active smart bulb white LED (E14)
  • GreenPower_On_Off_Switch GreenPower On/off switch
  • GreenPower_7 GreenPower device 7
  • 3RSL011Z Third Reality Smart light A19
  • 3RSL012Z Third Reality Smart light BR30
  • 1746130P7 Philips Hue Attract
  • 6xy-M350ST-W1Z Leedarson PAR16 tunable white
  • AU-A1GUZBCX5 Aurora Lighting AOne 5.4W smart tuneable GU10 lamp
  • AU-A1GUZB5/30 Aurora Lighting AOne 4.8W smart dimmable GU10 lamp 3000K
  • AU-A1GUZBRGBW Aurora Lighting AOne 5.6w smart RGBW tuneable GU10 lamp
  • AU-A1GSZ9RGBW Aurora Lighting AOne 9.5W smart RGBW GLS E27/B22
  • RF 261 Innr E27 filament bulb dimmable
  • RF 264 Innr E27 filament bulb dimmable
  • HY369RT Moes Radiator valve with thermostat
  • WXKG07LM Xiaomi Aqara D1 double key wireless wall switch
  • MCLH-03 LifeControl Power plug
  • 752189 Legrand Night/day wireless switch
  • 676-00301024955Z TCI Dash L DC Volare
  • 1743030P7 Philips Hue outdoor Impress wall lamp
  • XBee Digi Router
  • ZL1000701-27-EU-V1A02 Linkind Zigbee A60 filament bulb 6.3W
  • rgbw2.zbee27 Zipato RGBW LED bulb with dimmer
  • MCLH-05 LifeControl Motion sensor
  • 5045148P7 Philips Hue Centura
  • GL-FL-006TZ Gledopto Zigbee 60W floodlight RGB CCT
  • 5AA-SS-ZA-H0 Leedarson Motion sensor
  • MOSZB-130 Develco Motion sensor
  • AU-A1ZBRC Aurora Lighting AOne smart remote
  • AU-A1ZBPIRS Aurora Lighting AOne PIR sensor
  • TS0121 TuYa 10A UK smart plug
  • ZK03840 Viessmann ViCare radiator thermostat valve
  • ZS1100400-IN-V1A02 Linkind PIR motion sensor, wireless motion detector
  • MCLH-08 LifeControl Air sensor
  • GL-FL-005TZ Gledopto Zigbee 30W floodlight RGB CCT
  • ED2004-012 Custom devices (DiY) Panda 1 - wall switch (
  • ZG192910-4 Sunricher Zigbee LED-controller

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