npm zigbee2mqtt 1.10.0

latest releases: 1.38.0, 1.37.1, 1.37.0...
4 years ago



  • #2774 Hue power on behaviour: support color recover and allow to configure it for ON (documentation)
  • #2706 Log when using non-valid log_level
  • #2365 Reduce minimum reporting interval of power plugs (from 1 to 5 seconds)
  • #2258 Add strength value for DJT11LM Xiaomi vibration sensor (documentation)
  • #2806 Add icon and unit to Home Assistant linkquality sensor
  • #2816 Setup on/off reporting for SP 222
  • #945 Add all buttons events for Aqara Opple switch
  • #2837 Added new illuminance_lux property with correct values in Lux
  • Improve logging when command to device fails
  • #2855 Keep latest log in log.txt (not in log1.txt, etc.)
  • #959 Reduce energy reporting for Centralite Dimmer 4257050-ZHAC and Securifi Peanut Plug PP-WHT-US
  • #968 Support hue_power_on_behavior for Hue smart plugs


  • #2740 Don't setup reporting for BASICZBR3 as it doesn't support it
  • #2759 Fixed failed to interview for Hue bulbs
  • #2763 brightness_move only works in one direction
  • #2565 Fix duplicate state reports of SA-003
  • #2772 Fix E1743 IKEA TRADFRI ON/OFF switch controlling other devices
  • #2801 Fix is not a function on brightness_move with groups
  • #2780 Fix failed to interview for devices not having genBasic on first endpoint
  • #2772 Fix IKEA TRADFRI E1743 and E1810 controlling Xiaomi devices
  • #2565 SA-003 sending multiple state reports
  • #948 Don't turn light off with brightness_move command
  • #2786 Fix configure for GZCGQ01LM Xiaomi MiJia light intensity sensor
  • #951 Fix reporting issue with Sunricher and rebranded (e.g. iCasa, Ilumize, Rob)
  • #2617 Fix permit_join logged as false on startup while set to true
  • #2693 Philips Hue battery powered devices dropping of the network
  • #2625 Fix Hue smart button not sending any events
  • #2365 Fix coordinator ieeeAddr not updated when changed, leading to e.g. failing binds
  • #2818 CR Smart Home TS0202 motion sensor always occupied

New supported devices

  • AC10786-DIM OSRAM SMART+ classic E27 dimmable
  • E11-U2E Sengled Element color plus E27
  • LS12128 Lupus Roller shutter
  • 17435/30/P7 Philips Hue Discover white and color ambiance flood light
  • 5900131C5 Philips Hue Aphelion downlight
  • ZL1000100-CCT-US-V1A02 Linkind Zigbee LED 9W A19 bulb, dimmable & tunable
  • HGZB-DLC4-N12B Nue / 3A RGB LED downlight
  • U86KCJ-ZP TUYATEC Smart 6 key scene wall switch
  • HS1HT HEIMAN Smart temperature & humidity Sensor
  • HS2ESK-E HEIMAN Smart in wall plug
  • B01M7Y8BP9 Securifi Almond Click multi-function button
  • GP-WOU019BBDWG SmartThings Outlet with power meter
  • AV2010/21A Bitron Compact magnetic contact sensor
  • AL-PIR02 Sercomm PIR motion sensor
  • MKS-CM-W5 Norklmes 1, 2, 3 or 4 gang switch
  • STS-WTR-250 SmartThings Water leak sensor (2016 model)
  • ZG2835RAC Sunricher ZigBee knob smart dimmer
  • BW-IS2 BlitzWolf Rechargeable Zigbee contact sensor
  • BW-IS3 BlitzWolf Rechargeable Zigbee PIR motion sensor
  • SLR1b Hive Heating thermostat
  • WPT1 Hive Heating thermostat remote control
  • 4058075047853 OSRAM Smart+ gardenpole 4W RGBW
  • ROB_200-003-0 ROBB Zigbee AC in wall switch
  • 4512704 Namron Zigbee switch 400W
  • AV2010/24A Bitron Optical smoke detector
  • ROB_200-014-0 ROBB ZigBee AC phase-cut rotary dimmer
  • 4090631P7 Philips Hue Flourish white and color ambiance pendant light
  • SGMHM-I1 HEIMAN Combustible gas sensor
  • STHM-I1H HEIMAN Heiman temperature & humidity sensor
  • BDHM8E27W70-I1 GS Active light, warm to cool white (E27 & B22)
  • M420 HEIMAN Zigbee 3.0 smart siren
  • 8718696167991 Philips Hue Calla outdoor

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