npm xstate 4.2.4

latest releases: 4.33.0, 5.0.0-alpha.0, 4.32.1...
3 years ago
  • 🕵️ Anonymous functions (including arrow functions) as actions are no longer silently ignored, and are executed. #298
  • 💥 New method on services: .execute(state) will execute the state's actions (defined on state.actions). #295
  • 📖 Documentation updates:
  • 🕐 State history is correctly disposed now, to prevent memory leaks.
  • ☎️ Second argument to invoked callbacks, onEvent, now let you register event listeners for when the machine sends events directly to the invoked callbacks. (docs coming 🔜)
  • 🚦 Activities are now properly disposed when a service is stopped.

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