npm vue-tsc 2.0.10

latest releases: 2.0.14, 2.0.13, 2.0.12...
20 days ago


  • vscode: enable vue.updateImportsOnFileMove.enabled by default (#3646)
  • vscode: re-add restart server command (#4174)
  • vscode: automatically enable Hybrid Mode if possible (#4206)
  • component-meta: add typing resolution for defineModel modifiers (#4175) - Thanks @stafyniaksacha
  • language-service: drag and drop import respects tsconfig path aliases (#4184)
  • language-service: supports auto insertion of multiple cursors (#4140)

Bug Fixes

  • language-server: additionalExtensions option not working for inferred project
  • language-core: avoid interpolation indentation affecting each other
  • language-core: generate each interpolation into separate virtual code (#4165)
  • language-service: ignore html wrapAttributes format settings for vue document (#3987)
  • vscode: remove duplicate ts version status (#4167)
  • language-server: .html, .md file language id incorrect
  • typescript-plugin: formatting settings not working for ts completion
  • tsc: remove fake global types holder for composite projects compatibility (#4196) - Thanks @blake-newman


  • language-core: cache canonical root file names with string Set

Other Changes

  • Upgrade Volar from v2.1.3 to v2.2.0-alpha.5 for a few bug fixes and performance improves, please refer to for details.
  • vscode: update required VSCode version to ^1.88.0
  • docs: update readme with neovim lspconfig setup (#4134) - Thanks @RayGuo-ergou
  • language-core: split inline css codegen into separate plugin
  • language-core: move global types codegen into separate script
  • language-core: resolve virtual code features before push code
  • test: added simple tests for vue-tsc and custom SFC extensions. (#4181) - Thanks @cabal95

Please refer to for details.


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