npm vue-loader 16.8.0

latest releases: 15.10.2, 17.2.2, 17.2.1...
2 years ago

Bug Fixes

  • hmr: fix hmr regression (bacc6a9)


  • enableTsInTemplate option (7613534)

    • When used with ts-loader, due to ts-loader's cache invalidation behavior, it sometimes prevents the template from being hot-reloaded in isolation, causing the component to reload despite only the template being edited. If this is annoying, you can set this option to false (and avoid using TS expressions in templates).

    • Alternatively, leave this option on (by default) and use esbuild-loader to transpile TS instead, which doesn't suffer from this problem (it's also a lot faster). However, do note you will need to rely on TS type checking from other sources (e.g. IDE or vue-tsc).

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