npm video.js 7.5.4

7.5.4 (2019-04-12)

Bug Fixes

  • always show the mute button by default in responsive mode (#5914) (c85bc00)
  • call reset if we are paused or no promises, otherwise wait for play promise to resolve (#5876) (5973a62), closes #5875
  • correctly resolve play promise when terminated via middleware (#5895) (ad53b80)
  • explicitly remove all document-level listeners on player dispose (#5929) (458a5ea)
  • fix bug preventing control bar from hiding on mobile (#5836) (1844482)
  • fix fullscreen detection when player is nested within document fullscreen (#5912) (22d0514)
  • hide the progress control and show the subs-caps button when using Live UI at extra small size (#5915) (55b3752)


  • ModalDialog: add missing documentation for pauseOnOpen (#5908) (b2eae7b)
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17 months ago