npm video.js 7.0.0-rc.1

Video.js 7 RC! Updates to videojs-font, VHS, and various other fixes.

7.0.0-rc.1 (2018-04-23)


  • add tech method to allow override native audio and video (#5074) (22bbbc9)
  • build alternate browser scripts without VHS (#5077) (c98912f)
  • Queue playback events when the playback rate is zero and we are seeking (#5024) (a2851fe)
  • split overrideNative method into separate methods (#5107) (083a86c)
  • upgrade video.js font to 3.0 for woff only font-icons (#5112) (eeb13aa)
  • modal: remove old IE box sizing (#5113) (4a34dd7)

Bug Fixes


  • first-timers-bot: add repo to bot options (81de856)
  • first-timers-bot: correct the path to template file (9612c8f)
  • first-timers-bot: fix slack url in template (4e79a04)
  • first-timers-bot: quote repository option (edb257c)
  • package: remove npm-run dev dep as it's no longer used (#5084) (c2b5ade)
  • update rollup and uglify and the build process (#5096) (97db94e)
  • package: update karma to version 2.0.2 🚀 (#5109) (907c1f5)

Code Refactoring

  • move seekbar event handler bindings into a function (#5097) (1069e7f)


latest releases: 7.9.5, 7.9.4, 7.9.3...
2 years ago