npm video.js 5.9.0

  • @gkatsev updated vjs to not add dynamic styles when VIDEOJS_NO_DYNAMIC_STYLE is set (view)
  • @OwenEdwards added basic descriptions track support (view)
  • @kamilbrenk Added lang
  • @arius28 added greek translation file (el.json) (view)
  • @ricardosiri68 changed the relative sass paths (view)
  • @gkatsev added an option to keep the tooltips inside the player bounds (view)
  • @defli added currentWidth and currentHeight methods to the player (view)
  • fix IE8 tests for VIDEOJS_NO_DYNAMIC_STYLE (view)
  • @OwenEdwards fixed links adding extra tab stop with IE by removing anchor tags on videojs init (view)
  • @scaryguy updated videojs cdn urls in the README (view)
  • @mister-ben updated the time tooltips to use the chosen font family (view)
  • @OwenEdwards improved handling of deprecated use of Button component (view)
  • @forbesjo added chrome for PR tests (view)
  • @MCGallaspy added vttjs to the self-hosting guide (view)
  • @chrisauclair added ARIA region and label to player element (view)
  • @andyearnshaw updated document event handlers to use el.ownerDocument (view)
latest releases: 7.9.5, 7.9.4, 7.9.3...
4 years ago