npm video.js 5.7.0

  • @forbesjo updated emulated tracks to have listeners removed when they are removed (view)
  • @incompl improved the UX of time tooltips (view)
  • @gkatsev updated README to include links to plugins page and getting started and cleaner link to LICENSE (view)
  • @hartman Corrected adaptive layout selectors to match their intent (view)
  • @mister-ben updated Umuted to Unmute in lang files (view)
  • @hartman updated fullscreen and time controls for more consistent widths (view)
  • @hartman Set a min-width for the progress slider of 4em (view)
  • @misteroneill fixed iphone useragent detection (view)
  • @erikyuzwa added ability to add child component at specific index (view)
latest releases: 7.9.5, 7.9.4, 7.9.3...
4 years ago