npm video.js 5.10.1

  • @nickygerritsen Pass tech options to source handlers (view)
  • @gkatsev Use fonts 2.0 that do not require wrapping codepoints (view)
  • @chrisauclair Make controls visible for accessibility reasons (view)
  • @gkatsev updated text track documentation and crossorigin warning. Fixes #1888, #1958, #2628, #3202 (view)
  • @BrandonOCasey added audio and video track support (view)
  • @OwenEdwards added language attribute in HTML files for accessibility (view)
  • @incompl clear currentSource_ after subsequent loadstarts (view)
  • @forbesjo add an audio track selector menu button (view)
latest releases: 7.9.5, 7.9.4, 7.9.3...
4 years ago