npm video.js 5.1.0

  • @typcn bumped grunt-sass to ^1.0.0 to support node 4.x (view)
  • @gkatsev removed unhelpful isCrossOrigin test (view)
  • @forbesjo updated karma to use all installed browsers for unit tests (view)
  • @forbesjo removed android/ios tests to increase build stability (view)
  • @nickygerritsen added canPlayType method to player (view)
  • @gkatsev fixes track tests and ignored empty properties in tracks converter (view)
  • @misteroneill added a modal dialog (view)
  • @misteroneill removed z-index from big play button (view)
  • @DaveVoyles updated URL to player API docs (view)
  • @ (view)
  • @kahwee Fixed sandbox plugin example to work in Video.js 5 (view)
  • @Soviut Fixed argument names in some API docs (view)
  • @forbesjo Added Microsoft Caption Maker link (view)
  • @misteroneill updated modal dialog CSS (view)
  • @misteroneill Add browserify
  • @brkattk updated emulateTextTrack to exit early if no textTracks (view)
  • @chemoish Fix captions sticking to bottom for webkit browsers. Fixes #2193 (view)
  • @imbcmdth Deferred the implementation of select functions in the tech to source handlers if they provide them (view)
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4 years ago