npm video.js 4.6.0

  • Updated the UI to support live video (view)
  • The UI now resets after a source change (view)
  • Now assuming smart CSS defaults for sliders to prevent reflow on player init (view)
  • Fixed the title element placement in menus [view]
  • Fixed title support for menu buttons (view)
  • Fixed extra mousemove events on Windows caused by certain apps, not users [view]
  • Fixed error due to undefined tech when no source is supported [view]
  • Fixed the progress bar not finishing when manual timeupdate events are used [view]
  • Added a more informative and styled fallback message for non-html5 browsers [view]
  • Added the option to provide an array of child components instead of an object [view]
  • Fixed casing on webkitRequestFullscreen [view]
  • Made tap events on mobile less sensitive to touch moves [view]
  • Fixed the default flag for captions/subtitles tracks [view]
  • Fixed compilation failures with LESS v1.7.0 and GRUNT v0.4.4 [view]
  • Added better error handling across the library [view]
  • Updated captions/subtiles file fetching to support cross-origin requests in older IE browsers [view]
  • Added support for playback rate switching [view]
  • Fixed an issue with the loadstart event order that caused the big play button to not hide [view]
  • Modernized the fullscreen API and added support for IE11 [view]
  • Added cross-browser testing with SauceLabs, and added Karma as the default test runner (view)
  • Fixed saucelabs integration to run on commits in TravisCI (view)
  • Added a clearer error message when a tech is undefined (view)
  • Added a cog icon to the font icons (view)
  • Added a player option to offset the subtitles/captions timing (view)
latest releases: 7.9.5, 7.9.4, 7.9.3...
6 years ago