npm typeorm 0.3.4

latest releases: 0.3.6-dev.cf3efec, 0.3.6-dev.1b4cb00, 0.3.6-dev.189592c...
one month ago

Bug Fixes

  • BaseEntity.reload method regression and made findOne to throw error on missing conditions in runtime (#8801) (ee8c1ec)
  • improve DeepPartial recursion (#8732) (0494008), closes #8681
  • missing timestamp in created migrations filenames (#8802) (ceee439)
  • PoolConnection leaked by MysqlDriver (#8803) (d2cfd22)
  • remove console.log calls from SelectQueryBuilder (#8795) (54c7db4), closes #8792
  • stop crashing when redis is offline and ignoreErrors on cache options is set (#8725) (edc39d1)


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