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3 months ago

0.2.44 (2022-02-23)

Bug Fixes

  • alter relation loader to use transforms when present (#8691) (2c2fb29), closes #8690
  • cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'joinEagerRelations') (136015b)
  • expo driver doesn't work properly because of new beforeMigration() afterMigration() callbacks (#8683) (5a71803)
  • ng webpack default import (#8688) (2d3374b), closes #8674
  • support imports of absolute paths of ESM files on Windows (#8669) (12cbfcd), closes #8651


  • add option to upsert to skip update if the row already exists and no values would be changed (#8679) (8744395)
  • allow {delete,insert}().returning() on MariaDB (#8673) (7facbab), closes #7235 #7235
  • Implement deferrable foreign keys for SAP HANA (#6104) (1f54c70)

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