npm typeorm 0.2.35

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9 months ago

Bug Fixes

  • entity to be Partial<Entity> | undefined in UpdateEvent (#7783) (f033045)
  • actually return a working ReadStream from SQL Server query runner (#7893) (e80985f)
  • added version check before dropping materialized views to keep backward compatibility (#7716) (29f1f86)
  • allow for string id in mongo.findByIds call (#7838) (4b45ae1)
  • better support of relation-based properties in where clauses (#7805) (3221c50)
  • Buffer in primary columns causes bugs with relations (#7952) (37e08a7), closes #4060
  • capacitor does not correctly set journal mode (#7873) (5f20eb7)
  • Capacitor driver PRAGMA requests failing on Android (#7728) (9620a26)
  • condition is optional in SelectQueryBuilder joins (#7888) (2deaa0e)
  • correctly handle mongo replica set driver option (#7908) (9212df4)
  • correctly load yml in ConnectionOptionsYmlReader (#7743) (57f9254)
  • craft oracle connectString as a descriptor with SID (#7878) (b05d093)
  • delete operation in MongoDB impact all matched documents (#7811) (0fbae53), closes #7809
  • Do not add NULL/NOT NULL for stored columns (#7708) (3c33e9f), closes #7698
  • do OBJECT_ID lookup for column constraint instead of name in mssql (#7916) (fa8c1b0)
  • drop pool.autostart from mssql options because it's unused (#7877) (0d21a4d)
  • drop SAP statement after prepare per Hana client docs (#7748) (8ca05b1)
  • eager relation respects children relations (#5685) (e7e887a)
  • enable returning additional columns with MSSQL (#7864) (e1db48d)
  • entity object undefined in afterUpdate subscriber (#7724) (d25304d)
  • find operation in MongoDB do not include nullable values from documents (#7820) (98c13cf), closes #7760
  • fix table loading when schemas are used (3a106a3)
  • foreign keys in SAP were loading from the wrong table (#7914) (4777a79)
  • handle postgres default when tableColumn.default is not string (#7816) (0463855)
  • handle snake case of ABcD which should become a_bc_d (#7883) (eb680f9)
  • improve query for MSSQL to fetch foreign keys and tables (#7935) (f6af01a)
  • make OracleQueryRunner createDatabase if-not-exists not fail (f5a80ef)
  • only pass data from SaveOptions during that query (#7886) (1de2e13)
  • oracle cannot support DB in table identifiers (#7954) (8c60d91)
  • pass table to namingstrategy when we can instead of table name (#7925) (140002d)
  • prevent modification of the FindOptions.relations (#7887) (a2fcad6)
  • prevent reuse of broken connections in postgres pool (#7792) (5cf368a)
  • prevent transactions in the Cordova driver (#7771) (fc4133c)
  • properly escape oracle table paths (#7917) (7e8687c)
  • regression when making join conditions undefined-able (#7892) (b0c1cc6)
  • restored buildColumnAlias for backward compatibility (#7706) (36ceefa)
  • return correct DeleteResult and UpdateResult for mongo (#7884) (7a646a2)
  • support fully qualified schema in createSchema (#7934) (94edd12)
  • support table names between schemas in oracle (#7951) (aa45b93)
  • typing so SelectQueryBuilder.getRawOne may return undefined (#7863) (36e5a0c), closes #7449
  • typo prevented us from pulling the schema correctly in some cases (c7f2db8)
  • update operation in MongoDB impact all matched documents (#7803) (052014c), closes #7788
  • use correct query for cross-database mssql identity check (#7911) (7869fb1)
  • use fully qualified and escaped table names for oracle (#7857) (2b90725), closes #7779
  • use ObjectLiteral in UpdateEvent rather than Entity (#7910) (78fbc14)
  • use only table name in constraint naming strategy (5dc777f)


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