npm ts-node 9.1.0

latest releases: 10.8.0, 10.7.0, 10.6.0...
17 months ago


  • Expose ts-node REPL via the API (#1121) @MarcManiez
  • Allow --typeCheck flag to override --transpileOnly flag specified in tsconfig.json (#1142)


  • Rename interface Register to Service. It is still aliased as Register for backwards compatibility (#1158)
  • Update code copied from node's ESM resolver to be the latest from node 15, to keep our ESM resolver's behavior as close as possible to vanilla node (#1167)


  • ESM resolver will preserve search portion of URL, used for cache busting (#1165) @frandiox
  • Fix ESM resolution of builtin modules on node >=14.13.1 (#1136)
  • Recognize --es-module-specifier-resolution as an alias of --experimental-specifier-resolution for node 12 compatibility (#1122) @nguyensomniac


  • Fix description of ts-node-dev in README (#1131) @iamandrewluca
  • Update transformers description to clarify incompatibility with transpileOnly (#1123)


  • Changes to test matrix: Test against node 15; drop node 13 tests; remove 12.16 in favor of latest 12.x.x (#1138, #1148)
  • Improve codecov rules to remove misleading test failures (#1159)


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