npm ts-node 9.0.0

latest releases: 10.8.0, 10.7.0, 10.6.0...
21 months ago

Breaking changes are labelled [BREAKING] below.


  • Throw ERR_REQUIRE_ESM when a file is require()d which should be loaded as ESM (#1031)
  • Re-add "exports" declaration to package.json in backwards-compatible way, enabling node --loader ts-node/esm without file extension (#1028)
  • Allow specifying "require" option via tsconfig (#925)
  • REPL respects node's NODE_NO_READLINE environment variable (#1090)
  • Add a transpile-only entrypoint for ESM loader: node --loader ts-node/esm/transpile-only (#1102) @concision


  • [BREAKING] Drops support for node versions < 10 (#1036)


  • [BREAKING] Re-add realpath, which should fix workflows that use symlinks, such as pnpm, Lerna workspaces, or other mono-repo configurations (#970)
  • Compile files within node_modules when --skip-ignore or --ignore options are configured to allow it (#970)
  • Fix #884 by not adding all referenced files to getSourceFileNames/rootNames (#999)
  • Fix #996: bump projectVersion every time getSourceFileNames changes, avoiding accidentally outdated typechecking (#998)
  • Fix #1051: pass transformers object to ts.transpileModule (#1054) @thetutlage
  • Fix #1060: use source maps for stack traces in ESM modules (#1087)
  • Fix #1072: Respect --experimental-specifier-resolution coming from NODE_OPTIONS in ESM loader (#1085) @evg656e
  • Fix #1098: ESM loader should skip .cjs, .mjs, and any unexpected file extensions (#1103) @concision


  • Better explain how to compile imports, either CommonJS or using experimental ESM loader. Resolves #1075 (#1086)



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