npm ts-node 10.7.0

latest release: 10.8.0
2 months ago

Questions about this release? Ask in the official discussion thread: #1680


  • Adds --esm flag, option, and ts-node-esm binary (#1258, #1655)
    • Enables full esm support; no need for --loader nor NODE_OPTIONS
    • Use shebang #!/usr/bin/env ts-node-esm, run ts-node --esm, or add to your tsconfig.json: "ts-node": {"esm": true}


  • Unflag ESM json modules on node >=17.5.0 (#1661, #1665)
    • no longer requires --experimental-json-modules
  • Lazy-load dependencies to improve startup responsiveness. (#1676)


  • Fixed bug where "compiler", "transpiler", and swc backend would not resolve relative to the tsconfig.json that declared them (#1662, #1655)
    • Enables reusable tsconfig.json shared via node module to include necessary dependencies


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