npm ts-node 10.1.0

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10 months ago

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  • Add "moduleType" option to override module type -- CommonJS or ECMAScript -- on select files. (docs) (#1342, #1371, #1376)
    • Useful when a configuration file, for example webpack.config.ts, must execute as CommonJS but the rest of the project is ESM
    • selectively overrides package.json "type" and tsconfig.json "module"
    • akin to .cjs and .mjs extensions, but for .ts and .tsx files
    • thanks to @jayaddison for help on test coverage
  • Implement "extends" support for "ts-node" options in tsconfig.json (#1328, #1356)
    • "ts-node": {} options will be parsed from extended tsconfigs
    • allows sharing and deduplicating ts-node configuration
  • Un-deprecate scope and scopeDir; add both to CLI and tsconfig.json options; un-deprecate TS_NODE_SCOPE env var; add TS_NODE_SCOPE_DIR env var (docs) (#1346, #1367)


  • Improve error messages thrown by native ESM loader hooks (#1357, #1373) @tars0x9752
    • messages more closely match node; are more descriptive
  • Emit "ts-node" object at the top of --showConfig output instead of the bottom (#1355)


  • Fix #1282: Set correct globals in [stdin], [eval], and <repl> contexts (#1333)
    • More closely align ts-node's behavior with vanilla node
    • Affects the interactive REPL, piping to stdin, and ts-node -e
    • Matches node's behavior for globals __filename, __dirname, module and sub-fields of module, exports, and builtin module aliases fs, etc
  • Fix #1343: Set swc option keepClassNames to true (#1344)
  • Fix: #1387: REPL outputs 'use strict' after first empty line of input (#1388) @ejose19


  • Update ESM docs to say that env vars are supported with node --loader ts-node/esm (docs) (#1379)


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