npm tailwindcss 3.4.2

latest releases: 4.0.0-alpha.14, 4.0.0-alpha.13, 4.0.0-alpha.12...
16 days ago


  • Ensure max specificity of 0,0,1 for button and input Preflight rules (#12735)
  • Improve glob handling for folders with (, ), [ or ] in the file path (#12715)
  • Split :has rules when using experimental.optimizeUniversalDefaults (#12736)
  • Sort arbitrary properties alphabetically across multiple class lists (#12911)
  • Add mix-blend-plus-darker utility (#12923)
  • Ensure dashes are allowed in variant modifiers (#13303)
  • Fix crash showing completions in Intellisense when using a custom separator (#13306)
  • Transpile import.meta.url in config files (#13322)
  • Reset letter spacing for form elements (#13150)
  • Fix missing xx-large and remove double x-large absolute size (#13324)
  • Don't error when encountering nested CSS unless trying to @apply a class that uses nesting (#13325)
  • Ensure that arbitrary properties respect important configuration (#13353)
  • Change dark mode selector so @apply works correctly with pseudo elements (#13379)

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