npm tailwindcss 3.0.24

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one month ago


  • Prevent nesting plugin from breaking other plugins (#7563)
  • Recursively collapse adjacent rules (#7565)
  • Preserve source maps for generated CSS (#7588)
  • Split box shadows on top-level commas only (#7479)
  • Use local user CSS cache for @apply (#7524)
  • Invalidate context when main CSS changes (#7626)
  • Only add ! to selector class matching template candidate when using important modifier with mutli-class selectors (#7664)
  • Correctly parse and prefix animation names with dots (#7163)
  • Fix extraction from template literal/function with array (#7481)
  • Don't output unparsable arbitrary values (#7789)
  • Fix generation of div:not(.foo) if .foo is never defined (#7815)
  • Allow for custom properties in rgb, rgba, hsl and hsla colors (#7933)
  • Remove autoprefixer as explicit peer-dependency to avoid invalid warnings in situations where it isn't actually needed (#7949)
  • Ensure the percentage data type is validated correctly (#8015)


  • Replace chalk with picocolors (#6039)
  • Replace cosmiconfig with lilconfig (#6039)
  • Update cssnano to avoid removing empty variables when minifying (#7818)

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