npm tailwindcss 3.0.12

latest releases: 0.0.0-insiders.62e3514, 0.0.0-insiders.ac8fbc6, 0.0.0-insiders.3f4005e...
4 months ago


  • Allow use of falsy values in theme config (#6917)
  • Ensure we can apply classes that are grouped with non-class selectors (#6922)
  • Improve standalone CLI compatibility on Linux by switching to the linuxstatic build target (#6914)
  • Ensure @apply works consistently with or without @layer (#6938)
  • Only emit defaults when using base layer (#6926)
  • Emit plugin defaults regardless of usage (#6926)
  • Move default border color back to preflight (#6926)
  • Change experimental.optimizeUniversalDefaults to only work with @tailwind base (#6926)

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