npm tailwindcss 2.2.5

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10 months ago


  • Added self-baseline utility (I know this is a patch release, no one's going to die relax) (#5000)


  • JIT: Optimize universal selector usage by inlining only the relevant selectors (#4850))

    This provides a very significant performance boost on pages with a huge number of DOM nodes, but there's a chance it could be a breaking change in very rare edge cases we haven't thought of. Please open an issue if anything related to shadows, rings, transforms, filters, or backdrop-filters seems to be behaving differently after upgrading.


  • Fix support for step-start and step-end in animation utilities (#4795))
  • JIT: Prevent presence of !* in templates from ruining everything (#4816))
  • JIT: Improve support for quotes in arbitrary values (#4817))
  • Fix filter/backdrop-filter/transform utilities being inserted into the wrong position if not all core plugins are enabled (#4852))
  • JIT: Fix @layer rules being mistakenly inserted during incremental rebuilds (#4853))
  • Improve build performance for projects with many small non-Tailwind stylesheets (#4644)
  • Ensure [hidden] works as expected on elements where we override the default display value in Preflight (#4873)
  • Fix variant configuration not being applied to backdropOpacity utilities (#4892)

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