npm tailwindcss 2.2.3

latest releases: 0.0.0-insiders.62e3514, 0.0.0-insiders.ac8fbc6, 0.0.0-insiders.3f4005e...
11 months ago


  • Pass extended color palette to theme closures so it can be used without installing Tailwind when using npx tailwindcss (359252c)


  • JIT: Explicitly error when - is used as a custom separator (#4704)
  • JIT: Don't add multiple ~ when stacking peer-* variants (#4757)
  • Remove outdated focus style fix in Preflight (#4780)
  • Enable purge if provided on the CLI (#4772)
  • JIT: Fix error when not using a config file with postcss-cli (#4773)
  • Fix issue with resolveConfig not being importable in Next.js pags (#4725)

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