npm tailwindcss 2.0.0-alpha.2

latest releases: 0.0.0-insiders.23d3a31, 0.0.0-insiders.30538b3, 0.0.0-insiders.fc25299...
19 months ago


  • Support extend in variants configuration (#2651)
  • Add max-w-prose class by default (#2574)


  • Revert use of logical properties for space and divide utilities (#2644)
  • space and divide utilities ignore elements with [hidden] now instead of only ignoring template elements (#2642)
  • Set default font on body, not just html (#2643)
  • Automatically prefix keyframes and animation names when a prefix is configured (#2621, #2641)
  • Rename whitespace-no-wrap to whitespace-nowrap (#2664)

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