npm tailwindcss 2.0.0-alpha.1

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19 months ago

Warning: This is a pre-release. I don't plan for anything to change (otherwise I would have already changed it) but things probably still will. There are probably also obviously broken embarrassing mistakes I haven't noticed because I'm so deep in the rabbit hole. Please test, help me fix them, and have some sympathy for me 😅


  • Dark mode
  • New 2xl breakpoint
  • More big font sizes
  • More useful extended spacing scale (you can do top-16 and stuff by default now)
  • New sweet color palette (smaller and bigger at the same time 🤯 )
  • @apply works with everything now
  • IE11 compatibility completely dropped
  • Bunch of other small things that aren't as important


  • Added dark mode support (#2279, #2631)
  • Added overflow-ellipsis and overflow-clip utilities (#1289)
  • Add transform-gpu to force hardware acceleration on transforms when beneficial (#1380)
  • Extended spacing scale (#2630)
  • Add spacing scale to inset plugin (#2630)
  • Enable useful relative sizes for more plugins (#2630)
  • Extend font size scale (#2609, #2619)
  • Support using @apply with complex classes (#2159)
  • Add new 2xl breakpoint (#2609)
  • Add default line-height values for font-size utilities (#2609)
  • Support defining theme values using arrays wherever it makes sense (box-shadow, transition-property, etc.) (e13f083c4)
  • Enable group-hover for color utilities by default (28985b6)
  • Enable focus for z-index utilities by default (ae5b3d3)


  • New @apply implementation, slight backwards incompatibilities with previous behavior (#2159)
  • Move truncate class to textOverflow core plugin (#2562)
  • Removed target feature and dropped any compatibility with IE 11 (#2571)
  • Switch normalize.css to modern-normalize (#2572)
  • Remove scrolling-touch and scrolling-auto utilities (#2573)
  • Change special use of 'default' in config to 'DEFAULT' (#2580)
  • Drop support for Node 8 and 10 (#2582)
  • Modernize default system font stacks (#1711)
  • Upgrade to PurgeCSS 3.0
  • Upgrade to PostCSS 8.0 Reverted for now
  • Use logical properties for space and divide utilities (#1883)
  • Make theme retrieve the expected resolved value when theme value is complex (e13f083c4)
  • Adjust default font-size scale to include 60px instead of 64px (#2619)
  • Update default colors in Preflight to match new color palette (#2633)

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