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18 months ago

Tailwind CSS v2.0, woohoo!

Read the blog post for more details.


  • Add redesigned color palette (#2623, 700866c, #2633)
  • Add dark mode support (#2279, #2631)
  • Add overflow-ellipsis and overflow-clip utilities (#1289)
  • Add transform-gpu to force hardware acceleration on transforms when desired (#1380)
  • Extend default spacing scale (#2630, 7f05204)
  • Add spacing scale to inset plugin (#2630)
  • Add percentage sizes to translate, inset, and height plugins (#2630, 5259560)
  • Extend default font size scale (#2609, #2619)
  • Support using @apply with complex classes, including variants like lg:hover:bg-blue-500 (#2159)
  • Add new 2xl breakpoint at 1536px by default (#2609)
  • Add default line-height values for font-size utilities (#2609)
  • Support defining theme values using arrays for CSS properties that support comma separated values (e13f083c4)
  • Enable group-hover for color plugins, boxShadow, and textDecoration by default (28985b6, f6923b1)
  • Enable focus for z-index utilities by default (ae5b3d3)
  • Support extend in variants configuration (#2651)
  • Add max-w-prose class by default (#2574)
  • Support flattening deeply nested color objects (#2148)
  • Support defining presets as functions (#2680)
  • Support deep merging of objects under extend (#2679, #2700)
  • Enable focus-within for all plugins that have focus enabled by default (1a21f072, f6923b1)
  • Added new ring utilities for creating outline/focus rings using box shadows (#2747, 879f088, e0788ef)
  • Added 5 and 95 to opacity scale (#2747)
  • Add support for default duration and timing function values whenever enabling transitions (#2755)


  • Completely redesign color palette (#2623, 700866c, #2633)
  • Drop support for Node 8 and 10 (#2582)
  • Removed target feature and dropped any compatibility with IE 11 (#2571)
  • Upgrade to PostCSS 8 (but include PostCSS 7 compatibility build) (729b400, 1d8679d, c238ed1)
  • Removed shadow-outline, shadow-solid, and shadow-xs by default in favor of new ring API (#2747)
  • Switch normalize.css to modern-normalize (#2572)
  • Rename whitespace-no-wrap to whitespace-nowrap (#2664)
  • Rename flex-no-wrap to flex-nowrap (#2676)
  • Remove clearfix utility, recommend flow-root instead (#2766)
  • Disable hover and focus for fontWeight utilities by default (f6923b1)
  • Remove grid-gap fallbacks needed for old versions of Safari (5ec45fa)
  • Change special use of 'default' in config to 'DEFAULT' (#2580)
  • New @apply implementation, slight backwards incompatibilities with previous behavior (#2159)
  • Make theme retrieve the expected resolved value when theme value is complex (e13f083c4)
  • Move truncate class to textOverflow core plugin (#2562)
  • Remove scrolling-touch and scrolling-auto utilities (#2573)
  • Modernize default system font stacks (#1711)
  • Upgrade to PurgeCSS 3.0 (8e4e0a0)
  • Change default text-6xl font-size to 3.75rem instead of 4rem (#2619)
  • Ignore [hidden] elements within space and divide utilities instead of template elements (#2642)
  • Automatically prefix keyframes and animation names when a prefix is configured (#2621, #2641)
  • Merge extend objects deeply by default (#2679)
  • Respect preserveHtmlElements option even when using custom PurgeCSS extractor (#2704)
  • Namespace all internal custom properties under tw- to avoid collisions with end-user custom properties (#2771)

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