npm tailwindcss 1.9.0

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19 months ago

Tailwind CSS v1.9 is now available with a new presets feature, some new utilities, and a few accessibility improvements. Check it out!

New features

  • Add new presets config option (#2474)
  • Scaffold new tailwind.config.js files with available future flags commented out (#2379)
  • Add col-span-full and row-span-full (#2471)
  • Make outline configurable, outline-none more accessible by default, and add outline-black and outline-white (#2460)
  • Add additional small rotate and skew values (#2528)
  • Add xl, 2xl, and 3xl border radius values (#2529)
  • Add new utilities for grid-auto-columns and grid-auto-rows (#2531)
  • Promote defaultLineHeights and standardFontWeights from experimental to future


  • Don't escape keyframe values (#2432)
  • Use word-wrap instead of overflow-wrap in ie11 target mode (#2391)


  • Add experimental 2xl breakpoint (#2468)
  • Rename {u}-max-content and {u}-min-content utilities to {u}-max and {u}-min in experimental extended spacing scale (#2532)
  • Support disabling dark mode variants globally (#2530)

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