npm tailwindcss 0.1.4

latest releases: 0.0.0-insiders.62e3514, 0.0.0-insiders.ac8fbc6, 0.0.0-insiders.3f4005e...
4 years ago
  • If using Webpack, it will now watch your config file changes
  • Autoprefix dist assets for quick hacking and prototyping
  • Move list utilities earlier in stylesheet to allow overriding with spacing utilities (bug fix)
  • Add my-auto, mt-auto, and mb-auto margin utilities
  • Add sans-serif to end of default sans font stack
  • When running tailwind init [filename], automatically append .js to filename if not present
  • Support default fallback value in config(...) function, ie. config('', #0000ff)
  • Don't output empty media queries if Tailwind processes a file that doesn't use Tailwind

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