npm strapi-middleware-cache 1.1.0

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2 years ago

Cache entry point

By setting the populateContext configuration to true, the middleware will extend the Koa Context with an entry point which can be used to clear the cache from within controllers

// config/middleware.js
module.exports = ({ env }) => ({
  settings: {
    cache: {
      enabled: true,
      populateContext: true
      models: ['post']

// controller

module.exports = {
  async index(ctx) { // A direct access to the cache engine
    await ctx.middleware.cache.bust({ model: 'posts', id: '123' }); // Will bust the cache for this specific record
    await ctx.middleware.cache.bust({ model: 'posts' }); // Will bust the cache for the entire model collection
    await ctx.middleware.cache.bust({ model: 'homepage' }); // For single types, do not pluralize the model name 

    // ...

IMPORTANT: We do not recommend using this unless truly necessary. It is disabled by default as it goes against the non-intrusive/transparent nature of this middleware.

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