npm snowpack 2.5.0

latest releases: 3.8.8, 3.8.7, 3.8.7-rc.0...
4 years ago

Greater Customization & Control

  • Add buildOptions.baseUrl (#480) 859590f
  • Add %PUBLIC_URL% support (#474) f268af6
  • Add custom web_modules/ directory location (#483) 711a816
  • Add buildOptions.metaDir option (#456) b76ce6e
  • Add installIOptions.namedExports to support named exports in CJS packages (#452) 35112ac


  • remove flash of unrendered content for hmr 9012752
  • paint shouldn't clear install errors earlier in dev command (#486) a4111a4
  • handle errors in dev server d0a7e41
  • improve startup time (#482) 4f9403b
  • Add HMR support for linked & local npm packages (#470) 3280de3
  • cleanup unresolved error messages (#473) 5adee6d
  • add check to only transform js file imports 58dba0e
  • Fix HMR on secure server (#459) 5366dfb
  • add .mjs to file extension map f79ec28
  • add .elm to file extension map a18f314
  • html file changes should always trigger a full page reload 97f6c1f
  • Offer alternative port if specified port is busy 33cfd1c


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