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Snowpack 2.0.0-rc.1 (Release Candidate #1)

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4 years ago

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** Psst... Save the date! Snowpack 2.0.0 is coming May 26th!**

🎉 Snowpack 2.0.0-RC.1

Thank you everyone who tried out the Snowpack v2.0 Beta! Thanks to you, we've been able to hone in on the final feature set & API for Snowpack v2. At this point we're feeling confident enough to tag our first release candidate (with an official 2.0.0 release scheduled for next week)!

We don't expect any big API changes going forward, so If you want to test Snowpack v2.0 readiness for your application (or framework/library, if you're an open source maintainer) there's never been a better time to start!

What's new?

Snowpack v2 was announced the other week as a next step for the bundle-free development movement that we'd helped kickstart back during the Snowpack v1.0 release. You can read our full announcement thread & story here.

Since that announcement, we've finalized our v2.0 feature set with a bunch of new features requested by you: Hot Module Replacement (HMR), built-in JSX/TS/TSX handling via esbuild, CSS/JSON/Asset imports, and an entire 3rd party plugin system for extending Snowpack are all now available.

We'll be teasing these new features & plugins over the next week, so follow us on Twitter to get an early preview of what's new as we get closer to next week's release. Until then we'll be working on documentation, code cleanup, and testing to prepare for a stable & solid release.

Learn more:
Create your first plugin: (These docs are still very much in progress)
Get updates:

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