npm semantic-ui 2.4.0
Version 2.4.0 - Sep 17, 2018

latest releases: 2.4.2, 2.4.1
4 years ago

2.4.0 includes a new component placeholder. To use this component in your existing SUI site, be sure to add @placeholder: 'default'; to your theme.config. You can see an example in theme.config.example

New Components

  • Placeholder - Added ui placeholder that can be used to show where content will soon appear.

New UI Type

  • Segment - Added new ui placeholder segment used to reserve space for UI when content is missing or empty.

Major Enhancements

  • Dropdown - Added clearable dropdowns. When clearable: true is specified an (X) will appear to clear dropdown selection #2072
  • Modal/Dimmer - Modals and dimmers now include a new setting useFlex which defaults to auto. Modals and dimmers will automatically revert to using non-flex layouts when there may be layout issues with using flexbox. Modals will fall back to JS position when detachable: false is used or with IE11/Edge (Absolutely positioned elements inside flex containers in IE behave differently).

Critical Bugs

  • Modal - Fixed issue where scrolling modal would not allow for scrolling with touch devices. #6449
  • Label - Fixed issue where basic label were appearing incorrectly Thanks @lasley / @ColinFrick #6582 #6440
  • Menu/Dropdown - Fixed left menu inside ui menu would display horizontally as flex #6359


  • Dimmer - Dimmer now sets variation at runtime, to support run-time swapping between top aligned and middle aligned using .dimmer('setting', 'variation', 'top aligned')
  • Dropdown - Fixed issue where onChange when used with action: hide would be missing the third param $item #6555
  • Flag - Add uk alias for united kingdom Thanks @PhilipGarnero #6531
  • Icon - Fixes missing disk outline icon alias #6556
  • List - Fixed issue where list content would not take up 100% width when used alongside img or icon
  • Menu/Dropdown - Fixes dropdown item margin not obeyed inside labeled icon menu #6557
  • Modal - Fixes @mobileTopAlignedMargin theming variable was not implemented
  • Modal - Modal now will remove blurring after undimming, to prevent issues with position: fixed #6520

Minor Changes

  • Dropdown - inline dropdown close icon default right margin default spacing slightly modified.

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