npm semantic-ui 2.3.1
Version 2.3.1 - Mar 19, 2018

latest releases: 2.4.2, 2.4.1, 2.4.0...
4 years ago

A Special Message about Flex Modals
There will be an update shortly to resolve issues related to flex modals when using multiple modals and detachable: false, in order to not hold up this release, we've decided to move forward without a fix.

A general solution will most likely require branching code for IE11 which will disable flex (as IE11 doesnt correctly implement the latest spec for absolute positioned flex containers).

Critical Bugs

  • Dropdown - Fixed issue in 2.3.0 that could cause multiselect dropdowns initialized by converting <select> to not add initial selected options. #6123
  • Search - Fixes using category search with fullTextSearch: 'exact' returning duplicate results @thanks @prudho #6223 #6221
  • Icon - Fixes centered and bordered icons appearing incorrectly with FA5 Thanks @w96k #6192
  • Icons - Fixes missing aliases/incorrect icons from Font Awesome 5 port in 2.3.0 Thanks hammy2899 #6181 #6175 #6176 #6174 #6175
  • Icons - Fixed issue where link icon were appearing incorrectly due to changes in icons #6180


  • Search - Adds disabled variation Thanks @prudho #6225
  • Form Validation - Form can now return their validation prompt dynamically based on their current value. Thanks @xDaizu #6016 #3864


  • Dropdown - Fixed onChange missing text from callback when dropdown is set to action: 'select' Thanks @martinduparc #4183 #4510
  • Icons - Fixes some icons that were incorrectly named. Thanks hammy2899 #6181
  • Icons - Added ability to choose whether solid, outline and brand icons should be included in your theme via the @importSolidIcons, importRegularIcons and @importBrandIcons variables Thanks hammy2899
  • Icons - Increased specifity on fitted icon to fix compatibility with other components #6125
  • Visibility - Fixed bug that could cause onScreen callback to not occur properly for elements that are taller than screen.
  • Menu - Fixes disabled item showing hover style for secondary menu Thanks @tcmal #6268
  • CSS Variables - Added use of @normal for normal font weight for all non-default themes included in repo. #6227
  • Image - Fixes margin being applied twice to ui images #6224
  • Reveal - Fix whitespace: nowrap; applying to content inside slide reveal and move reveal

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