npm semantic-ui 2.3.0
Version 2.3.0 - Feb 20, 2018

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4 years ago

Major Enhancements

  • Icons - Font Awesome 5 is now included in Semantic UI Thanks @hammy2899 #6085

  • Search - Category search can now work with local search by adding a category property to any result and specifying type: 'category'

  var categoryContent = [
    { category: 'South America', title: 'Brazil' },
    { category: 'South America', title: 'Peru' },
    { category: 'North America', title: 'Canada' },
    { category: 'Asia', title: 'South Korea' },
    { category: 'Asia', title: 'Japan' },
    { category: 'Asia', title: 'China' },
    { category: 'Europe', title: 'Denmark' },
    { category: 'Europe', title: 'England' },
    { category: 'Europe', title: 'France' },
    { category: 'Europe', title: 'Germany' },
    { category: 'Africa', title: 'Ethiopia' },
    { category: 'Africa', title: 'Nigeria' },
    { category: 'Africa', title: 'Zimbabwe' },
      type: 'category',
      source: categoryContent
  • Popup - Popup can now position elements correctly even when they have a different offset context than their activating element. Like in this example.

  • Popup - Popup will now align the center of the arrow (not the edge of the popup) when it would be reasonable (up to 2x arrow's offset from edge). See this explanation

To preserve functionality movePopup default has remained as true (moving the popup to the same offset context), however now setting movePopup: false should now always position correctly. Be sure to use movePopup: true to avoid issues with ui popup inside menu, input or other places where it may inherit rules from its activating element or its context.

  • Transition - Adds new glow transition for highlighting an element on the page, and zoom animation for scaling elements without opacity tween.

  • Modal - Modal has been rewritten to use flexbox. No need to call refresh() to recalculate vertical centering.

  • Modal - Modals now have a setting centered which can be used to disable vertical centering. This can be useful for modals with content that changes dynamically to prevent content from jumping in position.

Minor Enhancements

  • Theming - Added global variables for reassigning normal and bold font weights for custom font stacks. Thanks @jaridmargolin #6167
  • Search - Category results now has exact setting matching dropdown for fullTextSearch preventing fuzzy search
  • Search - Category results will now responsively adjust title row if titles are long instead of forcing a title width
  • Dimmer - Dimmers now have centered content with a single wrapping content element.
  • Modal - You can now modify closable setting after init Thanks @mdehoog #3396
  • Accordion - Added onChanging callback for accordion that occurs before animation in both directions Thanks @GammeGames #5892

Tiny Enhancements

  • Popup - arrowBackground now inherits from background #6059 Thanks @devsli
  • Popup - Adds new variable headerFontWeight
  • Search - Search now has responsive styles for mobile to prevent results being large than page width.


  • Modal - Modal autofocus setting now checks to see if currently focused element is in modal, avoiding issues where focus could be set in onVisible or onShow
  • Menu - Fixes big and huge sizes being swapped in menu Thanks @jeremy091 #5902 #5899
  • Table - Fixes tr not having correct border on first row when using multiple tbody Thanks @MLukman #4458
  • Popup - Popup will now use content specified in settings before title attribute #4614 Thanks @aaronbhansen
  • Form Validation - Fixes bug where on: 'change' would still show validation prompts on blur when using inline: true #4423 Thanks @avalanche1
  • Dimmer - Fixes issue with inverted dimmer with content having wrong text color Thanks @rijk #4631
  • Images / Transition - Fixed issue where ui images would show nested images with transition hidden as block (Fixes sequential img animation demo in docs)

Doc Updates

  • Icons - Icon documentation now has a search that will copy the relevent icon html to clipboard
  • Icons - Icon documentation now lists publicly all icon aliases

Doc Bugs

  • UI Examples - Fixe some improper html in UI examples included with repo #6127 Thanks @perdian
  • Admin - Fixes bug in admin script that caused leaked global vars Thanks @esbena #6136

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