npm semantic-ui 2.2.8
Version 2.2.8 - February 21, 2017

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5 years ago

Important Note

Some quirks have been resolved that may cause changes for upgrading users who were expecting these behaviors

Form Validation

If you are using form validation, previous to 2.2.8 calling is valid would trigger UI updates. This behavior now no longer triggers UI updates, and will only return a boolean whether form is valid,

To trigger UI updates you can call validate form. Additional form behaviors have been added as well. See the new documentation on programmatic validation for more examples.


multiple selection dropdown no longer automatically adds the currently selected value when you "alt-tab" or blur the field, even when forceSelection: true is set.

Major Enhancements

  • Icons - Updates Font Awesome to 4.7.0 Always the man @BreadMaker #4766
  • Dropdown - Added new setting filterRemoteData, when set to true API will be expected to return the complete result set, which will then be filtered clientside to only display matching results. Thanks @enix223 #4815
  • Dropdown - Fixed issue where using some usage of special characters like \ could cause dropdowns to not work. #4688 #4692
  • Tab - Added setting loadOnce, which when enabled only calls remote endpoint for tab data on first load and leaves the DOM undisturbed afterwards. #2534

Critical Bugs

  • Dropdown - forceSelection setting will no longer cause highlighted value in multiselect to be selected on blur when using a multiple selection dropdown #4041 #4516
  • Dropdown - Dropdown using search input inside of menu are now tabbable #4490
  • Search - Fixes issue where empty results message can still appear when using setting showNoResults: false #4616
  • Sidebar - Fixed bug where sidebar in iOS would show incorrect background when opening sidebar if page is less than 100% height #4264

Critical Doc Fixes

  • Visibility - Added documentation for onOnscreen and onOffScreen, two very important callbacks that occur when an element is or isn't in currently scrolled view.


  • Items - Added unstackable variation to prevent items from stacking on mobile #2901
  • Search - Added new parameter callback to behaviors query, show results, hide results, and search remote to allow a function to be called after completion.
  • Form Validation - Rules now properly supports identifiers with special characters like brackets, e.g. name="user[name]" Thanks @mzygmunt #4163
  • Search - esc key now hides results and prevents them from being displayed again until form field is blurred

Build Tools

  • NPM - Removed dependency on tarball, packaged new patched WrenchJS under Semantic-org as a new package.


  • Button - Fixed issue where css specificity caused icon buttons to not center correctly #4487
  • Dropdown - Fixed bug where clicking on a dropdown's dropdown icon when using remote data would not open menu #4041
  • Dropdown/Search/Checkbox - Removes use of deprecated dispatchEvent DOM APIs for generating simulated events
  • Dropdown - Fixes issue where left pointing dropdown and right pointing dropdown appear styled incorrectly when opening upward #4896
  • Dropdown - Fixed issue where using fullTextSearch: 'exact' would still fuzzy search on value Thanks @ rminnett #4651 #3424
  • Dropdown - Fix bug where scrolling menu or scrolling dropdown would have excessive right padding by removing scrollbar width from calculation (no longer necessary in modern browsers)
  • Comments - small, large and other comment sizes now default to global size variables.
  • Dropdown - Fixed issue where selectOnKeydown with html content would cause only non html content to display in text until blur
  • Form Validation - Fixes issue where decimal validation would allow multiple . in value
  • Form Validation - Fixes js error caused by revalidating inputs without validation rules #4497 #4547 Thanks @cbxp
  • Header - Fixed issue where using image icon or image outline icon would cause incorrect display within ui header due to namespace collision with ui image #4145
  • Input/Dropdown - Fixed rounding error causing vertical alignment of dropdown, search, input to sometimes appear off by 1 pixel #4279
  • Segment - Fixed padded vertical segment very padded vertical segment mistakenly receives horizontal padding #3012
  • Visibility - Images that use $('img').visibility({ type: 'image'}) will no longer animate a second time if re-initialized.
  • Form Validation - Fixed issue where using bracketed values, or other special characters could cause errors with selectors #4163 #4164


  • Comments - Added missing size variations to comments docs #4450
  • Typos - Thanks to everyone who has submitted typo/grammatical PRs, much appreciated

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