npm semantic-ui 2.2.3
Version 2.2.3 - August 21, 2016

latest releases: 2.4.2, 2.4.1, 2.4.0...
6 years ago


  • Form Validation - Bracketed notation can now be omitted for rules, instead passing in bracketed values with the value parameter #3313
  • Dropdown - Using search selection with selectOnKeydown will now highlight the partial search matching the currently keyboard selected value
  • Modal - Modal now includes setting to enable/disable keyboard shortcuts
  • Modal - Modal will now focus first tabable element, not just input #4370


  • Comments - Adds missing sizes (mini, tiny etc) Thanks @ilanus #4408
  • NPM - Fixed package.json to allow either jQuery 2.x or 3.x #4254
  • Button/Dropdown - Fixed issue where ui dropdown button could have incorrect spacing for dropdown icon Thanks @ilanus #4408
  • Form/Segment - Fix typo causing pointer-events: none no to work on loading segment and loading form *Thanks @YamiOdymel and @ilanus #4403
  • Icon - icons can now receive link styling Thanks @tbracken #4399
  • Button - Fixed vertical buttons with only 1 button having incorrect border radius Thanks @Denhai #4107
  • Grid - Fixed issue where (x) aligned column inside a (x) aligned row would not properly apply the column alignment
  • Form - Fixed issue where disabled fields with radio inputs would not correctly dim the label Thanks @louwers #4366
  • Menu - Fixed issue where dropdown in vertical menu would not correctly open upward when no space below Thanks @gdaunton [#4150 #4156
  • Dropdown - Using search selection withselectOnKeydown` and text content that includes html, will not apply html content (like images) to the text until dropdown blur, making sure that content can align correctly with the partial search content of the search input (which cannot include HTML)
  • Dropdown - Fixed issue where dropdown clear would not remove active state when useLabels: true and multiple dropdown Thanks vinh123456789 #4275 #4366
  • Dropdown - dropdown icon no longer relies on stopping event propagation. This means using the dropdown icon will now cause other dropdowns to correctly hide. #3998
  • Dropdown - Fixes action: select not working correctly since 2.2 due to incorrect use of new function signature. #4183
  • Dropdown - Fixed typo causing selectObserver mutation observer not to disconnect Thanks @Paklausk #4311
  • Icon - Fixed missing dribbble icon due to incorrect count of "b" (should be 3). #4185
  • Icon - Fixes grab icon and television icon not appearing correctly #4178
  • Form - input styles now apply to type="file" thanks @coldfire79 #4074
  • Popup/Menu - Fixed issue where popup would not appear correctly when nested in menu in some ways.
  • Icon - Fixes talk icon not working correctly Thanks @anantogosh #4354
  • Transition - Removed unreachable code Thanks @basarat #4225
  • Grid - Fixed alignment in `centered justified grid** Thanks @bretto36 #4224
  • Popup - Fixed issue where observeChanges: false setting in popup would not prevent mutation observers

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