npm semantic-ui 2.2.14
Version 2.2.14 - Jan 29, 2018

latest releases: 2.4.2, 2.4.1, 2.4.0...
4 years ago

Critical Bugs

  • Form - Fixes issue where radio checkbox would not return correct value from get values Thanks @tincdev #5713 #6043
  • Modal - Fixes issue where an oversized modal would appear behind an existing modal when using allowMultiple: true and a second modal that is larger than the screen height. #2423


  • Button - YouTube's red color now matches their current brand guidelines Thanks @hammy2899 #6110
  • Flag - Adds missing flag for England Thanks @zyzniewski #5944
  • Reveal - ribbon label can now work with reveal #5681
  • Dropdown - Added new setting ignoreCase (defaults to false) that will prevent values from being added that match existing values (case insensitive). This is particularly useful when using allowAdditions for tagging to not allow case insensitive matches.
  • Site - Site theme now includes @customScrollbarHeight and specifies a default horizontal scrollbar height Thanks @jayphelps #5749


  • Checkbox - Fixes issue where toggle checkbox box shadow was missing Thanks @banandrew #5096
  • Dropdown - Fixed issue where dropdowns could incorrectly open upward and leftward opening when using context setting due to an incorrect offset calculation. Thanks @dannyBies #5974 #5366
  • Form Validation - Fixed issue where default prompts for contain and doesntContain rules were swapped. Thanks @xiongyu-git #5530
  • Visibility - Fixes issue where bottomPassed and topPassed would not fire under some conditions
  • Dropdown - Fixes issue where dropdowns might accidentally animate closed two times when quickly tabbing through fields
  • Popup - Fixed an error which could cause popup not to move to right offset context when using a different target setting.
  • Dropdown - Fixed issue where using ui input in a dropdown menu could cause the input to be too wide in some cases Thanks @banandrew #5085
  • Menu / Popup - Fixed issue where inverted menu rules would cause popup inside a menu to have incorrect link styling in link list Thanks @banandrew #5585 #5603

Build Tools

  • CSS Build - Fixed issue where package gulp-clone was only set to use > 1.0 causing issues with gulp builds due to upstream error #6067

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