npm semantic-ui 2.2.11
Version 2.2.11 - July 11, 2017

latest releases: 2.4.2, 2.4.1, 2.4.0...
5 years ago

Critical Bugs (5)

  • Dropdown - Fixed issue where using down key to re-open dropdown when using search selection dropdown would start at the top element instead of jumping to selected element #4506
  • Modal - Using multiple modals with different inverted blurring or closable settings will now function normally in all cases #4368
  • Modal - Fixed issue where modal refresh was being called on modals even if they are hidden, causing display issues when multiple modals are shown. Thanks @p2kmgcl #5319
  • Form Validation - Fixed issue where radio was not being included in onFailure values if not set #5064
  • Sticky - Fix issue where sticky would cause page to shift when context height was determined by sticky's height in position: static; #3430

New Features (6)

  • Dropdown - Dropdowns will automatically detect when they are offscreen to the right and will open leftward instead Thanks @Graveheart #4211
  • Form Validation - Added add rule add field, remove rule, remove field to programmatically and and remove validation rules from form validation #4267 #5253
  • Site - Site now includes custom styles for in-page UI scrollbars (but not actual page scrollbar) by default in WebKit/Chrome. Components with inverted content like dimmer include an inverted scrollbar. You can disable this by setting @useCustomScrollbars: false in your site.variables
  • Modal - Adds new scrolling content variation to have a modal with content that scrolls
  • Sticky - Sticky now includes a new setting setSize to determine whether it should set content size on stick to the size before sticking (fixed content uses different positioning system) #4360
  • Reset - Upgrades to normalize.css 7.0 Thanks @ivantcholakov #4647
  • Modal - Adds tiny and mini sized modals Thanks @Banandrew #5123
  • Steps - Steps now include an unstackable variation Thanks @TemaSM #3714

Enhancements (4)

  • Build Tools - All Gulp/NPM dependencies have been updated to their latest versions
  • Dropdown - Improved spacing on image inside menu item and for selected text
  • Popup - Added bind clickaway bind touch close bind close on scroll behaviors to make it easier for on: 'manual' popup to specify behavior
  • Popup - Separated className setting for visible into visible and popupVisible, this way you can remove visible indication on activating element without modifying popup visibility.

Bug Fixes (19)

  • Table- Fix inverted table header color not applying properly to sortable table Thanks @Banandrew #5303
  • Dimmer - Changing closable or inverted settings dynamically with setting will now modify settings correctly on next show/hide without re-initialization
  • Dropdown - Fix dropdown arrow being slightly off center due to em calculation being incorrect due to differences in relative em
  • Dropdown - Fix loading dropdown icon position being slightly offset
  • Dropdown - Fixed issue where search selection dropdown would reset list to top after selection when re-opening dropdown #4506
  • Icon - Changed content icon to use an existing alias sidebar icon, as it is most common use case and prevents naming collisions with content of elements Thanks @philrykoff #4574
  • Sidebar - Removed use of ios browser detection, and use of -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch;. iOS no longer has sizing issues when displaying sidebar content in latest iOS.
  • Search - Fixed issue where searchDelay could cause results to appear after search had lost focus.
  • Sticky - Fixed edge case where using offset setting, sticky element would not internally scroll if the rail contents (without the offset setting) would fit on screen
  • Popup - Fixed bug where supports svg was not working correctly due to incorrect comparison to undefined Thanks @mathiasrw #4544
  • Input - Fix issue where transparent input had a border radius and could cut off descendors #5281
  • Input - Fixes disabled style being applied twice on input Thanks @levithomason #5284
  • Message - Fix issue with compact icon message not appearing compact #4759
  • Menu - Fixed issue where left menu and right menu did not display correctly in stackable menu on mobile Thanks @BleuDiamant @traverse #3604 #5116
  • Menu - Fixed issue where (x) item attached menu was off by 1 pixel due to a css inheritance issue #4248
  • Popup - Fixed issue where popup would incorrectly add itself to the wrong offset context when using popup and target setting together in cases where the target has a different offsetParent than the activating element.
  • Segment - Fixed issue where using colored segment e.g. red segment inside segments would not work when :first-child #4013
  • Sticky - Fixed an issue where ui sticky used with a percentage based width would not resize properly if the content size of container changed when "stuck" #4360
  • Dimmer - Fixed typo causing body dimmer to add unnecessary position: relative; Thanks @jinyangzhen #4707

Doc Fixes (3)

  • Form - Updated docs to include new examples of adding/removing validation rules
  • API - Clarified in docs that all AJAX parameters can be passed to API
  • Form Validation - Added undocumented add prompt to list of behaviors

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